Lavender candy heart

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lavender candy heart
lavender candy heart

This candy heart is "a wee bit lavender," as they say. You're not quite sure why they put scare quotes around a phrase about what color something is, but they seemed to think it was pretty important.

Type: potion
Selling Price: 5 Meat.
Effect: Heart of Lavender (10 Adventures)All Attributes +3
+10% Item Drops from Monsters

(In-game plural: lavender candy hearts)
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Item number: 2307
Description ID: 627903592
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Obtained From

Summon Candy Hearts

When Used

You chomp on the candy heart. Yum!
Candyheart.gifYou acquire an effect: Heart of Lavender
(duration: 10 Adventures)


  • By using the [send] command in the inventory, players can write a brief message (two lines of up to five characters each) on the candy heart and send it to another player (or oneself).
  • If it is sent to someone in Ronin or Hardcore, they will receive a lavender candygram.


  • Scare quotes are used mostly as a flag to provoke in the reader a negative association for the word enclosed in the quotes.
  • 'A wee bit lavender' is a phrase sometimes used to express how camp/queer something is.


TOP 10 lavender candy heart collections
1. Mistress of the Obvious - 70000 | 2. Tom808 - 9500 | 3. Big_Mike_55 - 6164 | 4. MrSpeed - 5212 | 5. TKman1111 - 4218
6. QLou - 4027 | 7. Marm - 3285 | 8. Halueth - 2543 | 9. TamCoan - 2480 | 10. Harml3ss - 2418
Collection data courtesy of ePeterso2 and Jicken Wings
Summoned Candy Hearts
white | pink | orange | lavender | yellow | green
Candy Heart Effects
(Heart of [Color])
white All Attributes +3 +1 Stat Per Fight, +1 Familiar Experience Per Fight
pink All Attributes +3 +20% Meat from Monsters
orange All Attributes +3 +5 Hot Damage, +5 Damage to Hot Spells,
+5-6 MP and +5-6 HP per Adventure
lavender All Attributes +3 +10% Items from Monsters
yellow All Attributes +3 +20% Combat Initiative
green All Attributes +3 +3 to Familiar Weight