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The Lasagmbie is a Pasta Thrall which can accompany Pastamancers in combat. A Pastamancer can bind an Lasagmbie by using the skill Bind Lasagmbie.


  • Gives 20+(2*L)% Meat from Monsters, where L is the level of the Lasagmbie.
  • Starting at level 5, attacks for Spooky Damage.
  • At level 10, gives +10 Damage to Spooky Spells

Combat Messages

  • At end of combat (against meat-dropping monsters):
    <name> winks one of his dead eyes at you as you search the area for Meat.
    <name> scavenges for leftover meat, which you're forced to take away before he eats it. Kind of like a pig with truffles, except way grosser.
    <name> shambles around the battlefield, searching for stray meat.
    <name> winks rapidly at you... or maybe it's just a twitch?
    <name> winks at you, and helps search for meat. The help is nice, but you could do without the creepy winking.
    <name> moans wordlessly at you, and one of his eyes falls listlessly out of its socket. You decide to count that as a wink.
  • Level 5+, every round:
    <name> slashes at your opponent with bloody razor-sharp... noodles? Anyway it does X damage.
    <name> wraps itself around your opponent's head, trying to get to <his/her/its> brains. <He/She/It> take[sic] X damage, mainly from suffocation. "Mmmmff!"
    <name> claws at your opponent's leg, trying to get to <his/her/its> head. <He/She/It> takes X damage from the aforementioned claws.
    <name> gnaws on your opponent's head (or head-analogue) for X damage.
    <name> claws your opponent with filthy lasagna fingernails, dealing X damage.
    <name> bites your opponent on the <throat> like Garfield's worst nightmare, causing X damage.
    <name> slices your opponent with the sharpened, ragged edge of... uh, well, of itself.
    <name> shrieks and moans with hunger and existential pain. Your opponent takes X points worth of the willies and/or jibblies.


  • Lasagmbie names follow a specific pattern. They start with "Br", "G", "Gr", or "R". They then have a varying length string of "a"s. Finally they end with "augh", "argh", or "ah".
  • Some examples are "Braaaaugh", "Gaaaah", "Graaaargh", and "Raaaaugh".


  • X, the damage each round, ranges from level to 2*level
  • Even though the damage amount is not shown on the "slices" message, it is still being done.



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