Labór Day

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Today is Labór Day!
Enjoy 10 extra Adventures today, courtesy of Manuel Labór!
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Today the Kingdom celebrates the achievements of union boss Manuel Labór, who successfully lobbied the various industries of Loathing for longer hours and shorter breaks. After successfully lengthening both the workday and the workweek, and negotiating less vacation time, Labór was dragged out into the streets and hung, drawn, painted, messily sketched, quartered, eighthed, fed to wolves, and given an atomic wedgie by outraged laborers. Everyone works just a little harder today to celebrate his demise -- but not too much harder, of course.



  • The 10 extra adventures are granted at the end of rollover only. In particular, you will not get the bonus 10 adventures again upon ascending.
  • Furthermore, the extra adventures are given after the usual rollover adventure cap of 200 is applied, meaning you receive the extra adventures even if you were already at the cap of 200. However, the extra adventures will be removed the next day as normal if your total number of adventures is greater than 200.


  • This holiday refers to the real-life holiday Labor Day, which takes place in the USA on the first Monday in September, and observed as Labour Day on various dates elsewhere in the world.
  • Manuel Labór's name is a play on the term "manual labor".

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