Killing the Hermit

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Killing the Hermit is a bit of KoL myth and legend. It was once believed by newbies, largely due to the rumor being widely spread by seasoned players, that the Hermit can be killed. The rumors often include some hint as to great powers gained from such an act, and requiring either fictitious items (such as a meaty clover), or useless items (such as the crowbarrr, which was unimplemented at the time). Despite the constant rumors, Jick insists there is no way to kill the Hermit. A joke in reference to this is in the description of the tiny plastic hermit. Players are no longer allowed to mislead newbies with this in the Help forum.

"Killing the hermit" is sometimes used by players as a euphemism for the masturbatory act, and if asked about it during chat, references will likely be made saying that "killing the hermit" is necessary to reach The Orc Chasm.

Another myth regarding "killing the hermit" is that it is needed to enter the lounge chat channel, which is often referred to as being the "channel that doesn't exist".

While you can not actually kill the hermit, it is possible to reprogram him to sell an extra clover every day, and it is quite ordinary and beneficial to do so.