Judith Plexi, Inventor

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Judith Plexi, Inventor
Judith Plexi, Inventor

Well, now! When I first successfully isolated plexiglass in the lab, I never dreamed that it would be used to make such an impressive conglomeration of clothing!

I also never dreamed that those 7-foot dwarves would steal my invention, then pretend that they had mined it from the living rock, but those are the breaks, you know? At least it still has my name on it.

Say, did you know that if you heat plexiglass until it liquefies, then stir in sugar, when it hardens it turns into candy? Neither did I, until a few minutes ago! Enjoy!

Plexipips.gifYou acquire an item: PlexiPips

Occurs while Trick or Treating in Transparent Trappings.