Jasper, the Overly Friendly Ghost

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Jasper, the Overly Friendly Ghost
Jasper, the Overly Friendly Ghost

BOO! Happy Halloween to -- oh, my. Aren't you just the finest lookin' little ghost I ever did see? I mean, I don't usually throw myself at random strangers who come knockin' on my door, but damn, baby. You're really workin' that tormented-spirit-with-unfinished-business vibe. You don't even have to be a poltergeist to move me, baby, that's all I'm sayin'.

What do you say you come inside for a little bit? Maybe we can rattle some chains, shake some bones, maybe even mingle some ectoplasmic protuberances?

No? Well, then just take this candy. It's sweet, but not as sweet as you are. Sure you don't want to come inside?

Chainbox.gifYou acquire an item: Rattlin' Chains

Occurs while Trick or Treating on Halloween with the effect Haunting Looks.