Jagged scrap metal

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jagged scrap metal
jagged scrap metal

I can never really tell different kinds of metal apart. All I know about this one is that it involves a lot of screaming.

Type: combat item
Selling Price: 15 Meat.

Deals 20-30 Physical Damage and causes bleeding

(In-game plural: pieces of jagged scrap metal)
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Obtained From

The Old Landfill
Junksprite sharpener

When Used

You sling the jagged scrap metal at your foe, leaving a bloody gash 20-30 inches long. For those of you keeping detailed statistics, each inch is a point of damage.



  • Causes recurring bleeding damage in the current and subsequent combat rounds with the message:
<He> continues to bleed, suffering X damage.
  • The damage in each round is approximately equal to the damage initially caused by the combat item, with a variance of plus or minus two points.

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