Jacques, the Knob Goblin Master Chef

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Jacques, the Knob Goblin Master Chef
Jacques, the Knob Goblin Master Chef

You knock on a door, and are somewhat surprised when its[sic] opened by a Knob Goblin Master Chef. You're a little more surprised when he starts talking.

"Je vois que tu portes un trousseau completement fait de herbe en plastique de Pâques, non? Oh, que ça me rends encore à mon enfance dans la mère patrie, quand nous avons eu passer des après-midis de tous plaisants en faire souffrir les oies horribles, et aussi en faire les délicatesses douce de leur organes. Quelle souvenirs! Ici, mon ami, permettes-moi de partager ces plaisirs avec toi!"

You didn't get a word of that, but he's given you some kind of food, so that's all right.

Liver.gifYou acquire an item: foie gras

Occurs while Trick or Treating in the Grass Guise.


  • Translation:
"I see that you're wearing an outfit made entirely out of plastic Easter grass, no? Oh, but that brings me back to my childhood in the motherland, when we spent pleasant afternoons torturing the horrible geese, and making light delicacies of their organs. What memories! Here, my friend, allow me to share these pleasures with you!"