Infernal Seals

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Spadebal.gif There are some vague or non-exact figures and information on this page. Some spading is required.

Do Combat Frequency modifiers affect the chance of encountering an infernal seal non-combat?
Seal Clubbers can summon and fight several kinds of Infernal Seals. Once summoned, a seal is immediately fought. All seals, due to their infernal nature, have incredible resistance to damage; the only way to put a dent in these terrible creatures' hides is with a club equipped. However, your offhand weapon appears to work as normal even if it is not a club.

Infernal Seals are summoned using a seal figurine and a certain number of either seal-blubber candles or imbued seal-blubber candles outside of combat. Summoning a broodling seal, for example, requires a figurine of a cute baby seal and five seal-blubber candles. The figurine and candles are consumed in the summoning.

A player can only summon five Infernal Seals each day (ten with a Claw of the Infernal Seal), regardless of whether the player wins or loses.

There is a limit to finding some of Greater Seal figurines each day as well. Any number of sleek seal figurines (minimum level 12) can be found, but only five total of the level-6-minimum-to-use figurines can be found per day.

As fighting seals does not take adventures, a player can use these combats to gain more effective turns of beneficial effects such as Brother Corsican's Blessing.

Again, keep in mind you are a Seal Clubber: only club weapons you hold are effective against Infernal Seals. All items, spells, combat familiars, and other weapons (except swords if you have Iron Palms) have their damage reduced to 1. Clubs held by a Disembodied Hand are also not effective. Thankfully, combat skills that trigger weapon damage such as Shieldbutt do normal damage if you have a club equipped, but the damage from the shield will be ineffective. Presently Yellow Ray effects will successfully take Seals down if you are empty handed or clubless for some reason.

Lesser Seals

These seals require one or more seal-blubber candles and a figurine that can be purchased from either The Smacketeria or The Hermitage.

Summon Figurine Number of candles Minimum level Item drop
broodling seal Sealfig2.gif
figurine of a cute baby seal
5 5 Sevflipper.gif
severed flipper
Centurion of Sparky Sealfig3.gif
figurine of an armored seal
10 9 Ironingot.gif
ingot of seal-iron
hermetic seal Sealfig4.gif
figurine of an ancient seal
3 6 Scpowder.gif
powdered sealbone
Spawn of Wally Sealfig1.gif
figurine of a wretched-looking seal
1 1 Vial.gif
tainted seal's blood

Greater Seals

These seals require an imbued seal-blubber candle and a figurine found in a non-combat adventure.

These seals may also have an additional item drop that is a piece of equipment.

Summon Figurine Figurine drop site Minimum level Item drop Equipment drop
heat seal Sealfig8.gif
figurine of a charred seal
Pandamonium Slums 6 Potion7.gif
sizzling seal fat
Abyssal ember
navy seal Sealfig9.gif
figurine of a cold seal
The Goatlet 6 Hskin.gif
frost-rimed seal hide
frozen seal spine
Servant of Grodstank Sealfig7.gif
figurine of a stinking seal
The Hippy Camp, The Hippy Camp (Bombed Back to the Stone Age) 6 Grulch.gif
fustulent seal grulch
infernal toilet brush
shadow of Black Bubbles Sealfig6.gif
figurine of a shadowy seal
The VERY Unquiet Garves 6 Shadowscrap.gif
scrap of shadow
shadowy seal eye
watertight seal Sealfig5.gif
figurine of a sleek seal
Sonofa Beach, also obtained from slimy chest 12 Lung.gif
hyperinflated seal lung
wet seal Sealfig10.gif
figurine of a slippery seal
Orcish Frat House, The Frat House (Bombed Back to the Stone Age) 6 Tube.gif
seal lube
mannequin leg
Random Greater Seal Sealfiguran.gif
depleted uranium seal figurine
A Palm Tree Shelter None Varies with seal Varies with seal


  • Even though the combat with an Infernal seal does not take a turn, they are still counted when determining the familiar percentage for a run. For example, if you are doing a 100% run and the only combat for which you don't use the same familiar with is an Infernal seal combat, then you will not get a 100% run upon freeing the king.
  • You can summon seals while Falling-down drunk.
  • Effects that change monster level or trigger after combat like The Real Deal or Purple Tongue trigger in Infernal Seal combats. However, things that trigger after an adventure is spent don't trigger like most mp and hp restoring effects, because Infernal Seals combats don't use adventures.
  • Finding a figurine does not cost an adventure.
  • Because fighting an Infernal Seal doesn't cost an adventure, if you lose all your HP to an Infernal seal, you will get 4 turns of Beaten Up instead of the usual 3.
  • If an Infernal Seal is transformed (CLEESHed, for example) the resulting monster encounter will consume an adventure.
  • Unlike other figurines, the depleted uranium seal figurine is not consumed on use, though the candle is.
  • None of these monsters can be copied.