Ice hotel bell

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ice hotel bell
ice hotel bell

This is one of those little desktop bells, only instead of being made of metal it's made of ice, so instead of making a "brrring!" noise it makes more of a "brrrrrrrrrrrring!"

Type: combat item
Selling Price: 88 Meat.

Deals 250-300 Cold Damage

(In-game plural: ice hotel bells)
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Obtained From

The Ice Hotel
ice clerk

When Used

You ring the bell and it echoes through the icy corridors of the hotel. Your foe, confused into believing he is being summoned by a supervisor, disappears through a nearby door.
  • Elsewhere
You ring the bell and the air around you turns instantly frigid. It deals 250-300 damage to your foes, and numbs your fingers to the point where you drop the bell into a sewer grating. Dangit!


  • In The Ice Hotel, banishes that monster for the rest of the day without using an adventure.

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