I Wanna Be a Door

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I Wanna Be a Door
I Wanna Be a Door

Chamber #X of the Daily Dungeon is empty, but the door leading to the next room is closed.

You hate closed doors. Most of the time, in your experience, they're not only closed, but also locked. The nerve of those doors.

Anyway. What are you going to do about it?

Try the doorknob

You walk right up to the door and turn the handle. Surprisingly, the door is not actually locked! Unsurprisingly, opening it triggers a trap.

Did you seriously learn nothing in Adventuring school?

Use a skeleton key

You unlock the door with your skeleton key.

  • Sometimes:

Unfortunately, the key breaks off in the lock.

Use your lockpicks

You successfully pick the lock. Thanks, Pick-O-Matic lockpicks!

  • With less than 30 muscle:
Bash it down
(Requires 30 Muscle)
  • Otherwise:
Bash it down

You get a good running start and bash the door down with your shoulder.

  • Sometimes:

Unfortunately, your boorish behavior triggered a trap.

  • With less than 30 mysticality:
Magic it open
(Requires 30 Mysticality)
  • Otherwise:
Magic it open

You twiddle your fingers and magically unlock the door.

  • Sometimes:

Unfortunately, your twiddling wasn't deft enough to avoid triggering a trap.

  • With less than 30 moxie:
Sneak past it
(Requires 30 Moxie)
  • Otherwise:
Sneak past it

You slink into the shadows and sneak past the door without it noticing you.

  • Sometimes:

You slink into the shadows and sneak past the door without it noticing you. Unfortunately, the trap concealed in the door's mechanism did notice you.

Use your credit card to open the door

You slide the Platinum Yendorian Express Card in the crack between the door and the wall, and it pops the lock open with ease.

Leave the way you came in.

You ignore the door, then you ignore the door some more.

Occurs at The Daily Dungeon.


  • When a trap is triggered, one of the following effects will occur:
A cloud of blue gas pours out of the keyhole. You catch a faint whiff of saurekraut,[sic] and lose consciousness for a while.
AdventuresYou lose 3 Adventures.
A blast of frigid air shoots out of the keyhole, chilling you to the core. The core!. [sic]
HPYou lose some hit points. (cold damage)
A big rusty spike shoots out of the floor at the base of the door, stabbing you in the foot. Ouch!
HPYou lose some hit points.
A cloud of noxious green gas pours out of a vent above the door, making you choke and gag.
Poison.gifYou acquire an effect: Hardly Poisoned at All
(duration: 5 Adventures)
A huge rotating blade drops down from the ceiling, slices open your scalp, and retracts.
HPYou lose some hit points.
A brick rises from the floor, and stubs your toe. It really hurts!
HPYou lose some hit points.


  • Leave the way you came in. leaves the adventure without spending a turn or progressing the dungeon.
  • Choosing Use a skeleton key, Use your lockpicks, and Use your credit card to open the door allow you to pass without spending an adventure.
  • Bashing, Magicking, and Sneaking require 30 Muscle, Mysticality, and Moxie, respectively. This does not guarantee successfully bypassing the trap.


  • The name of this adventure is a reference to I Wanna Be Adored, a single by the Stone Roses.