Hugh, the former Crimborg

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Hugh, the former Crimborg
Hugh, the former Crimborg

*beep* We are... I mean, I are... I mean, am, Crimborg. Was. I'll start over.

I was Crimborg, but now I am Hugh. No, not 'you'. Hugh. I am me. Hugh. Sorry, we -- I mean, I -- am still getting used to this whole "individuality" thing.

Your armor reminds us -- me -- of the good old days, when I did not have to worry so much about pronouns and could just get on with strangling things in the name of The Collective. Things were much easier then. However, I am enjoying my new life as a hand model for the Extremely Big and Tall Men's catalog.

Here, pathetic human -- sorry, pathetic friend -- sorry, friend -- have a nanite-infested candycane and share these memories of the glorious collective with me.

No no, it's perfectly safe, we promise.

Candycane.gifYou acquire an item: nanite-infested candy cane

Occurs while Trick or Treating in the Crimborg Assault Armor.