Hrothgar, Retired Seal Clubber

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Hrothgar, Retired Seal Clubber
Hrothgar, Retired Seal Clubber

Boris's teeth! Is that the Sledgehammer of the Vælkyr ye've got there, [lad/lass]? And Krakrox's loincloth, and... by the gods, you slew Gorgolok? I have to say, I'm mighty impressed, aye! I've not seen a Seal Clubber of your prowess since the old days. Keep it up, [lad/lass], and they'll be writing sagas about you for sure!

Here, have one o' these chocolate clubs I've been passing out to the kiddies. Good health to ye!

Choc1.gifYou acquire an item: chocolate seal-clubbing club

Occurs while Trick or Treating in the Legendary Regalia of the Seal Crusher.


  • Hrothgar is clearly named after the legendary Danish king Hroðgar.