Howl of the Jackal

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Howl of the Jackal

Howl of the Jackal

Type: Combat
MP Cost: 10

The minions of the jackal-headed Death god are not guys you want howling at you in a dark alley. Although howling is preferable to what they might alternately be doing.

Spooky attack spell

Source: The Book of the Undying
Price: N/A
Class: Actually Ed the Undying
Level: Evocations 2
Effect: Deals X Spooky damage, capped at 96.
When Used:
You invoke the name of the jackal-headed god of death -- for some reason his name is more of a secret on this world than on others -- and your opponent takes (spooky damage) damage.

You howl one of the secret names of the jackal-headed god of death, and your opponent takes (spooky damage) points of damage from the horrible skull-vibrating sound.

You imitate the howl of the jackal-headed god of death, which is less of a sort of wild dog howl and more like an amalgamation of all the screams emitted by everyone who ever died violently into a single ghastly shriek. Your impression is not actually very accurate, but it does cause (spooky damage) damage, and any better would probably tear your throat right out.

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