Howl of the Alpha

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Howl of the Alpha

Howl of the Alpha

Type: Combat
Zombie Cost: 9

Who's going to stick around to annoy you when faced with a screaming, howling mob of zombies bearing down upon him? Not a whole lot of people, that's for sure.

If any monsters are banished:

The following monsters are currently banished:

<list of banished monsters>

Scare your enemy away for a while
Deals major damage to unscarable enemies

Source: An Open Grave
Price: N/A
Class: Zombie Master
Level: Anger of the Zombie 10
Effect: Spend 9 zombies to banish an enemy
When Used:
You howl with rage, and your zombie horde takes up the cry, screaming and shrieking fit to wake the... the, uh... Well, anyway, your opponent turns and runs away, presumably to find a new set of trousers (or trouser-analogues). Some of your zombies chase after them.

If enemy cannot be banished:

You howl with rage, and your zombie horde takes up the cry, making a noise that would turn any normal opponent into a whimpering pile of baby. Unfortunately, the opponent you're actually fighting appears to be made of sterner stuff. On the bright side, your rampaging horde does manage to tear off about half of said stuff, to the tune of X damage.


  • Up to three monsters can be banished at a time. If a fourth monster is banished, the monster that has been banished for the longest time will be no longer banished.
  • X is approximately equal to half of the monster's current HP.
  • Monsters on the banish list remain banished until displaced by a new monster.

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