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Hippo Ballet To You

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Hippo Ballet To You
Hippo Ballet To You

As you tiptoe through the harem (which is a lot like tiptoeing through the tulips, but with better scenery), you see what looks like a hippopotamus wearing a tutu run across the corridor up ahead. You hurry down the hall and through the door the hippo went through.

You find yourself in a courtyard surrounded by columns. It's much more pleasant than that time you found yourself living in a shotgun shack. As you watch, dumbfounded, tutu-clad hippos perform a ballet with cape-wearing crocodiles. You watch for over an hour, just waiting to see one of the crocodiles get crushed or one of the hippos get noshed. Neither thing happens, but you do feel more cultured for having sat through an entire ballet.

You also resolve to lay off the herbal brownies.

You gain 7 Roguishness.

Occurred at the Harem.


  • The description of this adventure alludes to the The Dance of the Hours portion of Disney's 1940 animated motion picture, Fantasia, which features comic ostriches, hippos, elephants, and alligators in dance.
  • The phrase "which is a lot like tiptoeing through the tulips" is a reference to the 1929 song Tiptoe Through The Tulips most famously recorded by '60s cult singer Tiny Tim.
  • The description also alludes to the Talking Heads song Once in a Lifetime: "You may find yourself/ Living in a shotgun shack./And you may find yourself/ In another part of the world."
  • The title "hippo ballet to you" is also likely a reference to cartoonist Sandra Boynton, who draws lots of hippos and other animals, and who has sold mugs and the like with the title/images "hippo birdie two ewes" (as a birthday greeting).
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