Heart of White

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Heart of White

Heart of White

Y'know how the good guys always wear white hats? Well, imagine how awesome they'd be if their hearts were white. Yours is white right now, and it makes you feel particularly good about yourself. Your familiar feels pretty good about itself, too.

All Attributes +3
+1 Stat Per Fight
+1 Familiar Experience Per Fight

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Effect number: 269
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  • The "good guys always wear white hats" comment may be a reference to the term white hat hacker, or to the fact that good guys in westerns always seemed to wear white hats whilst the villains always wore black.

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Candy Heart Effects
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white All Attributes +3 +1 Stat Per Fight, +1 Familiar Experience Per Fight
pink All Attributes +3 +20% Meat from Monsters
orange All Attributes +3 +5 Hot Damage, +5 Damage to Hot Spells,
+5-6 MP and +5-6 HP per Adventure
lavender All Attributes +3 +10% Items from Monsters
yellow All Attributes +3 +20% Combat Initiative
green All Attributes +3 +3 to Familiar Weight