Hatori Hotzo, the Flaming Samurai

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Hatori Hotzo, the Flaming Samurai
Hatori Hotzo, the Flaming Samurai

Greetings, fellow warrior. In order to ensure that you do not bring dishonor unto your family, eat this -- it will prevent, at the very least, the dishonor of halitosis.

Supersucker.gifYou acquire an item: Atomic Pop

Occurs while Trick or Treating in the Sucker Samurai Suit.


  • This is a reference to Hattori Hanzō, a legendary 16th century samurai whose exploits made him an enduring figure in Japanese pop culture. Western audiences are most likely to know the name from the character of the same name from the movie Kill Bill Volume 1, who was a tribute to the original. (The actor, Sonny Chiba, had played the historical Hattori before being cast as the fictional one.) Several video games, notably the Samurai Showdown series (and related SNK games), also feature a Hattori Hanzō character.