Hands On

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Hands On
Hands On

In a hidden nook of the Cobb's Knob harem, you discover a pile of pillows surrounded by thick curtains. You decide it's a perfect place for a nap, but as you lie down and start to get comfortable, you notice a foul smell coming from a nearby wicker basket.

You check the basket and find several small glass vials. One of them seems to have been left open and has leaked awful-smelling oil all over the inside of the basket, but three of them are intact. You grab the vials, and mentally note the location of the basket in case you ever need to put all of your rotten eggs in one place.

Vial.gifYou acquire 3 vials of scented massage oil

Occurs at Cobb's Knob Harem, semi-rarely.


  • The message about putting all of your rotten eggs in one place may be a reference to Escape from Alcatraz, in which the warden says that Alcatraz is a place to put all of the rotten eggs in one basket (as a twist of putting all of your eggs in one basket, which is a bad idea if something happens to the basket).