Handful of bees

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handful of bees
handful of bees

Huh. Well, you appear to have stuck your hand inside the Guy Made of Bees, and grabbed a handful of... them. I'm frankly pretty shocked that you were crazy enough to do that; judging from the fact that they aren't stinging the hell out of you, I guess the bees are too.

Type: combat item
Selling Price: 88 Meat.

Deals 80-100 Physical Damage per round for the rest of the fight

(In-game plural: handfuls of bees)
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Item number: 3740
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Obtained From

The Haunted Bathroom
The Guy Made Of Bees (Pickpocket only)

When Used

When Used in combat:

You release the hounds. Er, the bees. They begin swarming around your opponent, barking up a storm. I mean buzzing.

The bees repeatedly sting your opponent, dealing 80-100 damage.

Subsequent rounds:

The bees repeatedly sting your opponent, dealing 80-100 damage.


  • This item can be pickpocketed more than once per day.
  • Cannot be pickpocketed with a Peppermint Crook or Rave Steal


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