Guido, the Totally Legitimate Businessman

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Guido, the Totally Legitimate Businessman
Guido, the Totally Legitimate Businessman

A burly, thuggish-looking penguin sticks his head around the door when you knock. "Beat it, kid," he grunts, "Dis is a private party, and you ain't dressed... for... okay, well, I guess you are dressed for it, but it's still a private party."

"A nice party?" you ask. "The sort of party where it would be a real shame if the guests limos had their tires all slashed? Gee whiz, mister, that'd be just awful if that were to happen, huh?"

The penguin laughs. "Aw, now ain't dat just the cutest thing I ever saw. Alright kid, here, youse can have some of dese leftover oar... horse... whaddyacallems. Snacks. Okay? Now g'wan, scram."

Choco.gifYou acquire an item: chocolate-covered caviar

Occurs while Trick or Treating in the Fancy Tux.