Grizzly Scene

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Grizzly Scene

Grizzly Scene

Type: Combat
MP Cost: 0

Source: Wearing a right bear arm
Price: N/A
Class: N/A
Level: N/A
Effect: Attacks
When Used:
You roar like an enraged bear, stagger like an inebriated bear, and attack like a furious bear, losing yourself in the music, the moment, and your animal rage. You do X damage before you're done.

You roar like a grizzly bear, and swing your bear arm like a grizzly bear, your grizzly adam's apple bouncing up and down as you slash away. By the time you come to your senses, you've done X damage.

The bear arm throbs as you grip it, and a red mist clouds your vision. You wonder briefly if someone's thrown a tomato at you, but it turns out it's just sheer, animal rage overtaking you. When the mist recedes, you've done X damage.

Your opponent starts to look like a stream full of spawning salmon. You relax and give into your animal nature, swinging your bear arm like an armed bear. You shake off the rage to find you've done a whopping X damage.

Your opponent starts to look like a pic-a-nic basket, and before you know it, you're rummaging around inside it. By the time you regain your senses, you've done X damage.


  • You may only use a single bear skill per combat.
  • Deals 50% of the monster's current HP, rounded down.


  • The portion of the attack message saying "losing yourself in the music, the moment" is a reference to Eminem's "Lose Yourself".

See Also

Skills and bonuses granted by bear arms
Granted by right bear arm +10% Muscle, Weapon Damage +30%
Kodiak Moment Auto-hitting attack, auto-crits with left bear arm. Zombie: Spooky+Stench damage
Grizzly Scene Damages monster for 50% of their current HP
Granted by left bear arm +10% Muscle, Maximum HP +30, 10 Damage Reduction
Bear-Backrub Restores HP based on level, stuns with right bear arm
Bear-ly Legal Delevels by 20%; gain 50-70 Meat
When wielding both
Bear Hug Attacks, delevels and heals; as a Zombie Master: Insta-zombifies enemy instead (10 times per day)
Applause once per day: 10 turns of The Applause That Refreshes (all stats +10, +3 stats per fight)