Gothy Handwave

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How many times must you study it to learn it? Is this random or fixed?

Gothy Handwave

Gothy Handwave

Type: Combat
MP Cost: 1

You know how goth chicks dance, right? Just sort of waving their arms around and wiggling their fingers? Maybe, if they're really advanced, slowly turning around in a circle while they do it? Yeah, that's what this is. God only knows what it's good for.

Source: A Girl in a Black Dress
Price: N/A
Class: Disco Bandit
Level: N/A
Effect: Used to analyse dance moves.
When Used:
You lazily wave your hands around for a moment. While this move doesn't seem to achieve much, it's easy, and frees up your concentration to analyze your enemy a bit.

If used after anything but the enemy's special move:

It seems like there's something to this guy's movements that might be useful to you, if only you could find the right moment to focus on.

If attempted a second time in the same combat:

Meh, you can't bring yourself to do that goofy move twice in one fight. You have some self-respect, after all.

Against a breakdancing raver, after his special move ("spinning his legs wildly"):

First Try:
You're actually pretty impressed by that spinning-kick move he just pulled on you. Despite your deep-rooted instinct for self-preservation, you'd kind of like to see it again.
While Studying It:
Once again, you ponder the low whirling spin-kick that the raver has just used on you. You think you almost see how it works, if you could just verify the foot movements and how he shifts his weight...
Finally Learning It:
Aha! The hand goes down there, and the right leg swings out that way... now you've got it. You grin to yourself, ready to give these guys a taste of their own medicine.
You acquire a skill: Break It On Down

Against a pop-and-lock raver, after his special move ("spastic and jerky"):

First Time:
The guy's twitchy, staccato movements are pretty intriguing -- they could badly throw off an opponent's timing if used well. You resolve to watch more closely next time.
While Studying It:
You think some more about the weird, jerky move the raver just used on you. It seems pretty easy, it's all just a matter of getting timing exactly right...
Finally Learning It:
Ah! You see it now -- the jerky movements lull an opponent into a certain rhythm, leaving them unprepared for a final attack off the beat. It's time to show these guys what a real dance-master can do.
You acquire a skill: Pop and Lock It

Against a running man, after his special move ("run away"):

First Time:
The notion of pretending to run away from an opponent in order to trick them into a weak defensive position is a pretty good idea, you realize. You decide to watch this guy a little more carefully.
While Studying It:
You ponder the movements that the raver used to appear to be running away while staying in the same place. A certain arm movement, a glide to the step... you think you nearly have it down.
Finally Learning It:
There -- that's what you were looking for, that particular motion of the knees that makes the false run-away so deceptive. Now you're ready to show these guys how a real master of deception works.
You acquire a skill: Run Like the Wind

Trying to use it against an enemy who has no moves you can learn (or you have already learnt them):

You come to the conclusion that, basically, your enemy is a douchebag.