Gone Kitchin'

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Gone Kitchin'
Gone Kitchin'

Y'know how every time you have a party at your house, everybody ends up in the kitchen? That's not happening here. There's only one person in here, and she's not paying any attention to you at all, so you look around to see if there's anything else interesting to do.

There's a shelf full of cookbooks by the spicerack, and speaking of the spicerack, there's one odd-looking can with a handwritten label on it reading "MUSCLE SPICE."

if on Party Fair Quest:

Geraldine looks at you expectantly.

Peruse the cookbooks

You flip through the cookbooks and learn a few new magical culinary tricks.

You gain 150-200 (450-500 in hard mode) Wizardliness.
  • Note: Variable mys gains with some sort of scaling.

Check out the muscle spice

You open the can of muscle spice intending to give it a sniff, but somebody runs into the kitchen and bumps into your elbow, causing you to inhale the entire can.

Spice.gifYou acquire an effect: Spiced Up
(duration: 20 Adventures)

Talk to the woman

You tap the woman on the shoulder. "Are you Geraldine?"

"I am," she replies, "and I'm in an absolute tizzy!"

"I heard you might be. What's the problem?"

"This party is going to be ruined, that's the problem. We're out of snacks!"

"Okay. I've been known to acquire a snack or two in my day. What kind of snacks do you need, and how many?"

She scribbles something on a little piece of paper and hands it to you.

Geraldine wants 10

Give Geraldine the snacks

You hand Geraldine the snacks, and she beams.

"This is great! This will feed the guests long enough to keep me out of a tizzy until tomorrow, at the earliest! Here, take this as a token of my appreciation. You've really saved the party!"

Npartyfavor.gifYou acquire an item: Neverending Party favor
Npartyfavor2.gifYou acquire an item: deluxe Neverending Party favor

She carries the snacks into the living room. The guests descend on her, hungrily devour the food, and then immediately fall asleep.

Hmm. I guess the party's over, at least for a little while.

  • Note: Only if you are you spoke to Geraldine before
  • Note: After finishing this quest, trying to adventure in the neverending party results in party's over.
  • Note: Which reward you receive depends on whether or not you were doing Hard mode or regular party fair quest.

Burn some trash

You pour a whole can of fuel into the trash and set it on fire.

Look at it go! There must have been X pieces of trash in that can!

  • Note: Only appears if you have gas can in stock, 1 of which is consumed to do this
  • Note: Burns ~25% of remaining trash


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