Gn8than, the Sk8 Gnome

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Gn8than, the Sk8 Gnome
Gn8than, the Sk8 Gnome

I dogn't care what they told you, I never borrowed agnybody's comic books.

What, these comic books right here? These are... my comic books. I bought them myself. Yeah, so they're exactly the same titles as the ognes that Chomsky's missing -- so what?

Yeah, so the ignside cover of each issue says PROPERTY OF CHOMSKY in big, block letters. I always put that ogn my comic books. The ognes that I bought, and that I own, and that don't belong to Chomsky. It's a gnome thing, you wouldn't understand it.

Agnyway, these comic books are mine and I'm not just goigng to give them to you, tall one. Tell you what, though -- if you brigng me some fingerless gloves, like the kind hobos wear, I'll give you these comic books. My comic books that I bought myself. Those gloves will be awesome for my sk8ing, because I want to protect my palms but I hate my figngers and don't care if they get scraped up.

After obtaining the fingerless hobo gloves:

Hey, awesome! It looks like you got these figngerless gloves from a real live fingerless hobo! Did you talk to him? Did he have a kgnapsack slung across his back? Ah, gnever mind. Anyway, here are my comic books that you cagn give to Chomsky, since he's being such a baby about his. You cagn tell those jerks at the gnomad camp that I've never beegn happier since I left them, and that I never, ever, hold my skateboard at night and cry to myself. Never.

Comicbooks.gifYou acquire an item: Chomsky's comic books

Occurs at The eXtreme Slope.