Glob of melted wax

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Stun time

glob of melted wax
glob of melted wax

This is a glob of wax at the sweet spot between pliable and not blisteringly hot. Scientists refer to this as the "Ciconne-Dafoe Peak."

Type: usable
(can also be used in combat)
Cannot be discarded

Stuns enemies for a few rounds, dealing Hot Damage all the while
Can be fashioned into various wax objects

(In-game plural: globs of melted wax)
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Obtained From

Dropped after combat by an Optimistic Candle after 5, then every 30 combats.

When Used

  • In combat:
You toss the glob of melted wax at your foe, who becomes entirely encased in it as it begins to cool down.

Each round:

The hot wax sizzles against your opponent, dealing X damage.
<it> struggles against the wax, but to no avail.

On the last round of stunning:

<it> finally breaks free from the coating of wax.


  • Stuns for 3(?) rounds, dealing Hot damage each round.
  • X is approximately 25% of monster total HP, subject to reductions.



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Collection data courtesy of ePeterso2 and Jicken Wings