Get Hooked Up

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Get Hooked Up
Get Hooked Up

"Pssst. Hey, buddy."

A shifty-looking hobo sidles up to you. He looks a lot like the guy who sold you the hobo glyphs binder; maybe they're related. Perhaps they're a specific breed -- hobo sapiens mustelidae, or something.

"You lookin' to get hooked up?" asks the hobo.

"Hooked up?"

"Yeah, hooked up, ya know?"

"I can think of at least three different things that you might mean by that."

"C'mon, over here."

The hobo looks around and over his shoulder, then leads you to a small shack away from the crowds. Your common sense tells you not to follow him, but your curiosity overrules it.

He nods at the door. "In there."

You give the hobo a stern look, and he blinks at you with innocent nonchalance. Shrugging, you open the door and step inside. It's pitch black, and you stand blinking for a moment, trying to get used to the darkness.

Suddenly, you are half-blinded by a brilliant arc of blue-white electricity that lights up the room. A gigantic heavily-muscled man wearing only a leopard-print loincloth, a waxed handlebar mustache, and gleaming steel nipple-rings stands before you, holding the clamp of a jumper cable in each hand. Lightning crackles between them as he raises them over his head, glaring at you with unimaginable fierceness and intensity.

He throws his head back and roars, in a thick Hungarian accent, "Are you ready to... GET!... HOOKED!... UP!?!"

"Oh sh-" you say, as he leaps at you with the clamps aimed at your nipples.

You wake up on the outskirts of the marketplace, with your hair standing on end and everything smelling like ozone. You feel incredibly energized, although you hope the muscle spasms wear off soon.

MPYou gain ALL Mana Points.
Jigawatts.gifYou acquire an effect: Hooked Up
(duration: 20 Adventures)

Occurs as a choice of the Body Modifications subadventure in Hobopolis Town Square.


  • Mustelidae is Latin for weasel.