Gelatinous cube

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Not to be confused with the Gelatinous Cubeling familiar.

Gelatinous cube
Monster ID 532
Locations The Haiku Dungeon
Hit Points 6
Attack 3
Defense 2
No-Hit 13
Initiative 50
Meat 20-30
Phylum slime
Elements None
Resistance None
Monster Parts corner, side
Orcish meat locker, rusty metal ring, rusty metal shaft
Manuel Entry
refreshedit data
gelatinous cube This 10 by 10 room
is exactly the right size:
gelatinous cube.

A huge gleaming cube
the length and height of the hall
squishes toward you.

Hit Message(s):

It absorbs your skull.
You grab it, shove it back in.
It's really painful!
Critical Hit Message:
Squashed beneath the cube
you pray for death's sweet release
but it never comes.
Miss Message(s):
It lurches at you,
but you deftly leap aside,
and out of harm's way..
Its attack attempt
is unsophisticated
stupid, rube-ish cube.
It rolls toward you,
but you duck down a side hall
and don't get crushed/wet.
A wet pseudopod
arches out and hits the wall
just behind your throat.
Fumble Message:
The cube slides forward
misses by a country mile
Whew! what a relief!

After Combat

Meat.gifYou gain 20-30 Meat (average: 25, stdev: 2.42)*
Near you on the ground
is a Orcish meat locker.
You hork it and jet.
(25% chance*)
rusty metal ring
was once your foe's, is now yours.
Beaters-up, keepers.
(25% chance*)
rusty metal shaft
was once your foe's, is now yours.
Beaters-up, keepers.
(25% chance*)
You gain 3 <substat>.

Occurs at The Haiku Dungeon.



  • The name of this monster is a reference to the Dungeons & Dragons monster of the same name. Just as in Dungeons & Dragons, the monster is described as being ten feet by ten feet.
  • The miss message about a "rube-ish cube" is a reference to the Rubik's Cube.
  • The introductory haiku refers to the skateboarding movie "Gleaming the Cube."