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Effect number: 918
Description ID: a5afe11e9b9bf333b04548d0abf6e975
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Like the mighty field gar, you have an insatiable craving for lasagna. Whether or not you're also overweight and lazy, I won't begin to speculate.

You love lasagna as much as you hate Mondays

Obtained From


  • Has no effect on Mondays. On all other days, increases the adventure yields from lasagnas by 5.
  • To clarify, "Mondays" correspond to Arizona time, not KoL time. Since rollover happens at 8:30 p.m. Arizona time, you can actually get this effect to give a bonus on the KoL day Monday by using it shortly after rollover.
  • Tuesday's ruby's effect is also based on Arizona time, so it's an easy way of checking if this effect will do anything. If the ruby gives +5% Muscle, then this effect does nothing.


  • The name of the effect and its description both refer to the Garfield comic, and the title character's well-known love of lasagna and hatred of Mondays.
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