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The following is the /games channel chat etiquette, as defined by jASejaSEjaSe2 (modified by Priscorn).

Chat Etiquette

  • Do not ask if any games are going on. Would you, in a bus stop, ask if there was a bus coming? Of course not, just wait.
  • Don't ask for games. People that ask, "Why are there no games?" get the response, "Host your own game!" or are baleeted (ignored).
  • No begging! Don't beg for meat, items, specific games to be held, etc. This includes implied begging, such as, "I wish I had more meat," "I wonder if someone's going to hold an AR soon," or "I need a SHM." People DO give stuff away here, so there's no reason to beg.
  • Don't come to /games just to make meat. It won't work and nobody likes it - for a quick buck, go to /trade. In order to make this clear: this means that the host of the game may not make a profit from the game. The host is allowed to break even at best.
  • Do not waste chatbot's rolling power. If you have no need for a roll, don't.
  • Please do not spam. Spam includes countdowns. If someone is hosting a game, please PM or KMAIL your answers to them.
  • Do not post MMG bets, totals, etc., unless you are hosting bet/split/keep. /Gamers find MMG talk boring, annoying, tedious, etc. Many /gamers baleet those that persist in discussing it. What happens in the casino, stays in the casino. Got it?
  • If you are baleeted, don't ask in chat, "Why did <player name> baleet me?" The person who baleeted you can't see you ask this and others most likely don't know why. Don't ask if someone else will ask the person that baleeted you, why you were baleeted. No one wants to get in the middle, it tends to annoy the baleeter.
  • Using words like "retard" or "gay" in a derogatory manner is HIGHLY frowned upon. Racism, sexism, anythingyoucanthinkofism, are never good ideas. So just dont.
  • Don't joke about sexual assault. Even in jest, many /gamers will /baleet you.
  • Sometimes the channel is jokingly referred to as /perv, but this does not mean /porn, or /disgustinglygraphic, or /cyber. Innuendo is one thing. Being too creepy or making underage people uncomfortable is another.
  • Appreciate your game hosts. Running games is NOT an obligation, yet they take the time and the meat to hold /games. Win or lose, be sure to let them feel loved. Gratitude is a lovely thing.
  • Socializing, as well as asking questions about adventuring IS allowed. However, please do not post spoilers. A spoiler, as defined by Moonshae, is anything that a newb wouldn't know/or would not get from the oriole or any NPC store.

Don't forget, that this channel is for gaming, having fun, socializing, therapy, and the works. However, /gamers do not like drama, trouble, asshats, greed, and the like. Follow these rules, and in no time, you'll be embraced in /games as well.

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