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There are three basic ways to end a combat without it costing a turn. These are

  • free runaways (omitted from this list on purpose, see Run Away for more information),
  • fights against certain monsters (hereafter free fights), and
  • certain methods to insta-kill monsters (hereafter free kills; insta-kill types that cost turns are omitted on purpose).

Free fights and free kills are limited in various ways. One of the most important ways to bypass free fight limits is copying and/or turning a free fight monster into a wanderer. Having access to a fax machine or a genie bottle (or pocket wishes) also obviates the need for a lot of free fights' original sources.

Free fights (specific mobs) limit? source
Lynyrd 3/day using a lynyrd snare
Infernal Seals 10/day variety of items; must be Seal Clubber for 5, must also have Claw of the Infernal Seal in inventory for 10.
BRICKO monsters 10/day BRICKO bricks; can copy smaller ones for more
drunk pygmy 11/day with Bowl of Scorpions in inventory, fight ends instantly
dense liana 15/ascension with machete equipped as weapon, fight ends instantly
Hipster monsters 7/day from active Mini-Hipster, shares counter with Artistic Goth Kid; can copy for more
Black Crayon monsters 7/day from active Artistic Goth Kid, shares counter with Mini-Hipster; can copy for more
X-32-F Combat Training Snowman 10/day must have a Snojo
Witchess pieces 5/day must have a Witchess Set; can copy for more
Protonic accelerator pack ghosts delay of 50 adventures in-between must have either protonic accelerator pack equipped or used almost-dead walkie-talkie to receive location and start counter
Eldritch Tentacle variable if spawned via Eldritch Attunement effect (variable), casting Evoke Eldritch Horror (1/day),
or in A Science Tent after the Sssschmuck finale (1/day)
Time-spinner prank 6/day getting pranked by another player with a Time-Spinner; not available in Ronin/HC
Giant rubber spider delay of 10-20 adventures in-between having a rubber spider used against you by another player; not available in Ronin/HC
L.O.V. Enemies 3/day must have the Tunnel of L.O.V.E. or use a LOV Entrance Pass
God Lobster 3/day must have God Lobster active, or use a Dish of Clarified Butter
Partygoers from the The Neverending Party 10/day Must have a Neverending Party invitation envelope. The partygoers do not have to be fought in the party zone itself to count as free fights.
After the daily limit, the partygoers cease to be free fights.
Vote Monsters 3/day Must have an "I Voted!" sticker equipped on the scheduled encounters. The scheduled encounters take place each adventure after your total lifetime turncount modulo 11 equals 1 (similar to the Lights Out encounters). After the first 3 encounters, the monsters become un-free.
Trick or Treat! 5/Halloween The dark houses provide free fights, and the 1st block is free.


Free kills (specific methods) limit? type remark
Shattering Punch 3/day combat skill Snojo skill, tradable
Replica bat-oomerang 3/day combat item Batfellow content, costs at least one Batfellow comic, untradable
Fire the Jokester's Gun 1/day combat skill must have The Jokester's gun equipped (Batfellow content, tradable)
Power pill 20/day combat item must have Puck Man and/or Ms. Puck Man
DMT fights 5/day familiar must have Machine Elf active, can only be in the DMT (DMT monsters by default, but can be any wanderer)
Nuclear stockpile 10/day combat item was only available during Crimbo 2015
Glark cable 5/day combat item against any non-instakillable mobs in The Red Zeppelin
Lightning Strike 20 Lightning combat skill only available in Heavy Rains, dependent on path-specific Lightning resource
Gingerbread Mob Hit 1/day combat skill Gingerbread City leaderboard reward skill, tradable
Superduperheated metal unlimited combat item can only be obtained through the mall or 1/day in The Bubblin' Caldera
Daily Affirmation: Think Win-Lose unlimited combat item can only be obtained through the mall or from the New-You Club Membership Form
Asdon Martin: Missile Launcher 1/day combat skill must have Asdon Martin installed in your workshed; instantly forces all items to drop; takes up 100 "fuel"


Path-specific shenanigans path
Optimal monsters in OCRS One Crazy Random Summer while in Hardcore/Ronin
Source Agent explosions The Source; the exploded monsters do not take a turn but the agent fights do; but agents can be exploded as well via auto-attacking with portscan
Short-Range Jetpack License to Adventure; 5% chance of activating after combat, can activate after an already free fight (accomplishing nothing)


  • On January 1st, 2018, the meat drop from free fights/kills was capped. The cap is 1000.
  • Some time after the release of the Protonic accelerator pack (?), free fights were changed to cost a turn if they were lost; currently the only free fights that continue to not cost a turn when they are lost are the L.O.V. Enemies.