Forward to the Back

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Forward to the Back

In the backyard, partygoers are milling about, drinking and laughing and swimming and pushing one another into the pool and yelling at each other about how you really shouldn't do that anymore because everybody has a nine hundred dollar phone in their pocket that gets ruined by so much as a drop of water.

A picnic table next to the pool is covered with a foul-smelling candle, presumably designed to keep bugs away.

Do a cannonball

You shout "Hey everybody, look at meeeee!" as you jump into the pool. And they do! They do look at you, and they all think you're super cool.

You gain 150-200 (450-500 in hard mode) Roguishness.

Rub the candle wax under your arms

I know you're only doing this because I told you it was an option, so I'm also complicit, but you should still be ashamed of yourself.

Fatcandle.gifYou acquire an effect: Citronella Armpits
(duration: 50 Adventures)

Once per day if you are trying to clear guests and if you have Purple Beast in your inventory

Pour Purple Beast into the pool

You pour the Purple Beast into the pool. A few moments later one of the swimmers notices it.

"Oh no! This pool has that stuff in it that turns purple when you pee in it! And it's turning purple!"

Everyone abruptly gets out of the pool and flees over the back fence.
Kicks out 9 guests

Find Gerald

You track down Gerald near the cluster of kegs by the pool.

"Hi," you say, "I hear you're having trouble with your booze supply."

"Yeah, we definitely are. I'd go get some more booze myself, but I can't leave these kegs alone."

"The... uh... kegs?"

"They're empty. I just don't want somebody stealing them to collect the deposit."


'"Anyway. Think you can go find us some more drinks somewhere?"

Gerald wants <10|20>

Give Gerald the booze

or, in Hard Mode:

Occurs at The Neverending Party.