Forestgoatee, the Hipster Ent

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Forestgoatee, the Hipster Ent
Forestgoatee, the Hipster Ent

Hey, man, come in! We're just about to judge our hipster costume contest! Most of the Ents are dressed as emotions, or abstract concepts, or 12th Century authors dressed as superheroes, but everyone's welcome.

Woah, you're not an Ent! You're just wearing. . . aw, man, that's just -- you know, I don't want to censor anyone's personal means of expression, but you should think about how your actions affect others, okay? Wearing somebody else's skin as your Halloween costume, while it may make an important artistic statement, is a pretty confrontational, hostile act, you know?

I'm sorry. I let my own personal arboricentric prejudices get the best of me. Here, take some deliciously retro candy.

Ribboncandy.gifYou acquire an item: ribbon candy

Occurs while Trick or Treating in the Vestments of the Treeslayer, after having received the Ax of L'rose.