Flowers for You

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Flowers for You
Flowers for You

As you're meandering through the Burial Ground, you hear a meek voice say "Hey [Mister|Ma'am]?"

You wheel around toward the sound of the voice to see a creepy-looking, translucent little girl standing before you with a handful of flowers.

"[Mister|Ma'am]? Would you like to buy one of my flowers? Daddy says if I sell enough of them we'll be able to afford to get my puppy back from the pawn shop. Please, [Mister|Ma'am]? They're only 5 nickels each."

You rifle through your pockets and determine that you currently have X hobo nickels.

Buy a flower (5 nickels)
  • With 5 hobo nickels:

You hand the girl your nickels and she hands you a flower. Then she disappears. How strange. Was she ever even there to begin with? Yes, yes she was. You can tell because you're still holding the flower she sold you.

Lampshade.gifYou acquire an item: deadly lampshade
  • Without 5 hobo nickels:

You can't afford to help the little girl get her puppy back. Jerk.

Flee this creepy scene

You really, really don't like the looks of that little girl. With your heart hammering, you bolt (wrenching your ankle in the process.)

Occurs at The Ancient Hobo Burial Ground, semi-rarely.