Fire Up Above

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Fire Up Above
Fire Up Above

You find yourself in the middle of a group of protesters waving Molotov cocktails around.

"Hey, umm," you say. Their eyes narrow as they turn on you in unison. "That might... like... not be the best idea, don't you think?"

"What do you mean?" one of them snarls.

"Well, let's just say that maybe... Vyacheslav Molotov and Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin wouldn't be the best of friends if they met. In fact, they might explode and kill us all if they were to get together..."

"Sounds to me like you've spent too much time reading books and not enough time trying to break down the system," says a particularly mean-looking lynyrd skinner. "In fact, I'm beginning to suspect you don't belong here at all..."

You'd better think of something fast.

Join in

You grab three Molotov cocktails from a nearby Molotov cocktail crate and pour them down the pants of the three nearest protesters, who are forced to go back to their houses to change pants. Cool prank!


You grab a Flamin' Whatshisname out of your sack and toss it into the crowd of protesters. 10 of them run shrieking into the woods trying to put themselves out.

Slip into darkness, slip out of sight

You make your night move, which is to flee into the darkness.

Occurs in A Mob of Zeppelin Protesters.


  • Slipping into darkness skips the adventure.


  • The adventure name is a reference to the song "The Fire Down Below" from the Bob Seger album "Night Moves". This song features the line "Slipping into darkness, slipping out of sight".