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Is Frat Boy Spy still useful at all?
A Fax Machine

The fax machine, located in the Clan VIP Lounge, allows players to summon photocopies of monsters, potentially including any monster copied by users connected to their clan's fax network. This page lists some of the most effective fax targets ("faxes") in the game for pathless ascensions. Special challenge path runs may benefit from different strategies, or may block access to the fax machine altogether; see the appropriate path strategy page for details. See copying strategy for targets that would need to be faxed multiple times.

The player-sponsored faustbot and Easyfax accounts retain copies of most of the interesting fax targets, and can deliver them on demand to your clan's fax machine. Faustbot or Easyfax must be whitelisted into your clan for this to work.

Fax-like mechanics

Over time, other fax-like sources of on-demand monster summoning have entered the game. Keep in mind that in Standard-restricted runs, the fax machine is not available; as of 2019 the genie bottle is the only fax-like mechanic in Standard.

  • The painting in Chateau Mantegna allows you to summon the last monster you've painted with an Alpine watercolor set. Because the painting persists through ascension, much of the fax strategy below applies.
  • Using a Time-Spinner to Travel to a Recent Fight operates like a fax, but with the limitation that it only summons monsters you've naturally encountered during the current ascension. As such, its function is more similar to copying.
  • Using a genie bottle to wish for a fight allows you to summon almost any copyable monster at will.
  • In the Heavy Rains challenge path, the skill Rain Man allows you to make a copy of any copyable monster you have encountered in any Heavy Rains run, in addition to any copyable monsters you have at least casually researched (at least 1 factoid) if you have a Monster Manuel installed.

Turn Efficiency

These faxes directly reduce the number of turns required to complete quests, and the benefit gained from faxing them can't be gained in any other way. Monsters are listed in roughly the order you'd fax them.

Monster Availability Purpose Needs
sleepy mariachi /w faustbot sleepy_mariachi Item drops, Moxie stats No Yellow ray Saves several powerleveling turns for Moxie classes; makes the best Fairies in the game
ghost /w faustbot ghost digital key Yes 150% items Saves ~15+ turns in the 8-Bit Realm when copied if you can't access Fear Man's Level
ninja snowman assassin /w faustbot ninja_assassin Level 8 quest Yes Survival Saves ~12 turns (or 3 pulls) when copied twice
Orcish Frat Boy Spy /w faustbot frat_spy Level 12 quest No 234% items Saves a yellow ray
lobsterfrogman /w faustbot lobsterfrogman Sonofa Beach quest No None Saves ~4 turns (and lots of RNG swing) over finding each one manually
(per copy, up to a total of ~20 turns for 5 copies)

Niche / Quality of Life

These faxes can be helpful, even if they're not strictly optimal.

Monster FaxBot Message Purpose Needs
1000 ML butt /w faustbot bigbutt Substats No Survival For players who want lots of substats on turn 1
Bailey's Beetle /w faustbot baileys (see Notes) No Yellow ray A multi-purpose quality of life fax; provides some substats, the full War Hippy Fatigues, and a powerful shield
sleepy mariachi /w faustbot sleepy_mariachi Item drops No Yellow ray For non-Moxie classes, a spangle-fam is still fantastic for item drops and Potato blocking
Blooper /w faustbot blooper digital key No Olfaction
67% items
To kick off Olfaction; hugely inferior to Fear Man's Level or the ghost fax, but does not require any extra IotMs
Semi-Rare Monsters /w faustbot kge
/w faustbot miner
/w faustbot baabaaburan
Knob Goblin Elite Guard Uniform
Mining Gear
stone wool
Varies None
234% items
Up to 400% items
In case you weren't able to structure your SRs around them, or if your path blocks fortune cookies
mountain man /w faustbot mountain_man Drops ore Yes 150% items for one of each ore, YR for two of each Alternative to mining or clovering ores
modern zmobie /w faustbot modern_zmobie The Defiled Alcove Yes None Saves several turns in the Alcove over encountering them directly
remains of a jilted mistress /w faustbot jilted antique hand mirror No 150% items Saves several turns hunting for One Nightstand (Wooden) for Myst classes, if powerleveling in the Haunted Bathroom is desired.
Bad ASCII Art,
rampaging adding machine
/w faustbot ascii
/w faustbot adding_machine
A Quest, LOL Varies None For players who want the Meat from this quest or want to copy the ASCII art for 31337 scrolls
Witchess monsters /w cheesefax witchess bishop

/w cheesefax witchess knight

Substats, item drops Possibly Survival Free fights that give epic-quality consumables Sacramento wine or Jumping horseradish with +item or +meat bonuses


  • You can only use one photocopied monster per day.
  • You can use photocopied monsters while falling-down drunk.


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