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[ Return to Game Mechanics ] Familiar Weight is the measure of a familiar's experience level and is expressed in pounds. Generally, a familiar with a higher weight is more effective.

In most cases, the base amount of a familiar's weight is a function of its combat experience. Without experience modifiers, familiars gain one point of experience for each combat victory spent as your active familiar. The base weight (without Familiar Equipment or effects) of a familiar is equal to the square root of its experience (weight = experience1/2) with the minimum weight possible being 1 lb and the maximum being 20 lbs. In other words, a familiar gains a pound at 4, 9, 16, 25, 36, 49, 64, 81, 100, 121, 144, 169, 196, 225, 256, 289, 324, 361, and 400 experience.

There are a few familiars that make all of those rules generalizations. The Inflatable Dodecapede is most effective at lighter weights. The Stocking Mimic gains weight only from consuming candies, or from combats with a particular familiar item equipped, and has a maximum of 100 pounds. The Homemade Robot gains no weight from combats, only from parts added, and also has a maximum of 100 pounds.

Familiar Experience Modifiers

Normally a familiar obtains one experience point per successful combat, but some items, effects, passive skills and combat actions increase that number:

Per combat
Non adventuring

Familiars may also gain experience at the Arena; all of the "per adventure" bonuses that can be used in the arena increase experience there.

A familiar in a Crown of Thrones or Buddy Bjorn also gains one experience per kill, but does not benefit from any of the items or effects listed above (this includes equipping the enthroned familiar with an item like the tiny fly glasses). Familiars that don't gain weight from combats don't gain weight in the Throne.

Familiar Weight Modifiers

The following is a comprehensive list of all equipment and effects in the game that affect familiar weight, on top of the familiar's base experience. For ease of reference the data is broken down into several tables. As there are a great number of similar items (many pieces of +5 familiar weight equipment and many pieces of +1 familiar weight tiny plastic accessories), the data is shown first in compact form and then in more detailed forms.

For a guide to maximum possible weight, see Maximizing Your Familiar Weight.

One final note: the Comma Chameleon eats familiar-specific equipment and then performs like that familiar for about 40-49 adventures. It gets +5 weight for the duration, even if the eaten equipment does not usually grant weight.



This section lists the familiar-fattening items competing for a place on your body. (Familiar-specific bonuses are excluded; see further down.) Equipment with Bonus Familiar Weight enchantments:

Item Slot(s) Bonus Costs/
Dire Drifter Duds Outfit (hat, off-hand, pants) 5 TT,
200 Mus
Zombo's skullcap Hat 10 TT,
200 Mus
crumpled felt fedora Hat 10 200 Mox
  • Muscle +5%
warbear foil hat Hat 5 TT
Boris's Helm Hat 5
Crown of Thrones Hat 5
papier-mitre Hat 5 20 Mox
fiberglass fedora Hat 5 40 Mox
  • +3 Moxie Stat(s) Per Fight
  • Doubles effectiveness of Sonata and Cantata
plexiglass pith helmet Hat 5 75 Mox
  • Regenerate 10-12 HP and 10-12 MP per adventure
  • Muscle +30%
Elder Turtle Shell Hat 3 TT,
15 Mus
  • Muscle +11
Buddy Bjorn Back Item 5
Stephen's lab coat Shirt 5 45 Mus
Unkillable Skeleton's breastplate Shirt 5 TT,
250 Mus
  • +1 Familiar Experience Per Combat
  • +10 to Familiar Damage
rope Weapon (1H) 10 DoEC draw
fouet de tortue-dressage Weapon (1H) 10 TT
fish hatchet Weapon (1H) 5 VIP key, access to clan with stocked Floundry, choice of rental equipment
(limit: 1x/day)
  • Muscle +100%
  • Weapon Damage +50
  • Monsters will be less attracted to you.
  • This item will disappear at the end of the day.
  • Obtained from Clan Floundry with at least 10 hatchetfish in stock
party whip Weapon (1H) 5
iFlail Weapon (1H) 5 35 Mox
love Weapon (1H) 5 35 Mox
Spelunker's whip Weapon (1H) 5
  • Weapon Damage +25%
  • +10% Item Drops from Monsters
gnawed-up dog bone Weapon (1H) 5 10 Mus
  • +1 Familiar Experience Per Combat
bar whip Weapon (1H) 2
magic whistle Weapon (1H) 1 27 Mox
burning paper crane Off-Hand item 10
  • Obtained by folding a Garbage Fire drop
  • Serious Spooky Resistance (+3)
  • Maximum HP/MP +4
  • This item will disappear at the end of the day.
old school flying disc Off-Hand Item (Shield) 5 200 Mus
Ouija Board, Ouija Board Off-Hand Item (Shield) 5 TT
Operation Patriot Shield Off-Hand Item (Shield) 5
shield of the Skeleton Lord Off-Hand Item (Shield) 5 50 Mus
Wal-Mart snowglobe Off-Hand item 5 50 Mus
bag of unfinished business Weapon (2H) 5 200 Mox
  • Stench Damage +40
repaid diaper Pants 15
Galapagosian Cuisses Pants 10 TT,
30 Mus
Great Wolf's beastly trousers Pants 10 100 Mus
Greaves of the Murk Lord Pants 5
porcelain plus-fours Pants 4 40 Moxie
  • All Attributes +4
  • Maximum HP/MP +4
  • +4 Prismatic Damage
  • +4% Chance of Critical Hit
  • Damage Reduction: 4
  • Increase Duration of Turtle Tamer Buffs by 4
over-the-shoulder Folder Holder Accessory 15 Underwater;
folder slot
Belt of Loathing Accessory 10 150 Mox
Brutal brogues Accessory 8 LOV Tunnel access;
choice of LOV equipment rental
(limit: 1x/day)
  • Muscle +50%
  • Weapon Damage +50%
  • +4 Muscle Stat(s) Per Fight
  • This item will disappear at the end of the day.
recovered cufflinks Accessory 6
furry halo Accessory 5 Unarmed
bakelite badge Accessory 5 40 Mysticality
  • Muscle +20%
  • Gain the favor of the Great Turtle Spirits more quickly
over-the-shoulder Folder Holder Accessory 5 Folder slot
BGE tiny plastic toy Accessory 3
plastic Duskwalker necklace Accessory 3
  • Moxie +5
  • This item will disappear at the end of the day.
Pokëmann figurines Accessory 3
Tiny Plastic Familiars Accessory 1
  • Many accessories, in the vein of "tiny plastic (familiarname)", add +1 to weight, but are more accurately viewed as collectors' items, and so have been isolated in the next table
Snow Suit Fam Equip 20 (↓)
  • Deflates by 1 after every 5 combat turns, to a minimum bonus of +5 (i.e., bonus is 20-floor(combat turns/5), capped after 75 combat turns)
  • "Lets Your Familiar Do Various Tricks"
astral pet sweater Fam Equip 10 Choice of astral equipment
sugar shield Fam Equip 10
  • Obtained by using a sugar sheet
  • Breaks after about 30 combat adventures
amulet coin Fam Equip 10
luck incense Fam Equip 10
  • +25% Item Drops from Monsters
  • Technically the familiar equipment of the Mu, but can be equipped by most familiars
  • Will disappear at rollover
muscle band Fam Equip 10
  • Increases familiar damage
  • Technically the familiar equipment of the Bowlet, but can be equipped by most familiars
  • Will disappear at rollover
[ [razor fang]] Fam Equip 10
  • Sometimes blocks enemy attacks
  • Technically the familiar equipment of the Stooper, but can be equipped by most familiars
  • Will disappear at rollover
shell bell Fam Equip 10
  • Restores HP when your familiar deals damage
  • Technically the familiar equipment of the Unspeakachu, but can be equipped by most familiars
  • Will disappear at rollover
smoke ball Fam Equip 10
  • Running away is always successful, and gives stats based on the enemy
  • Technically the familiar equipment of the Disgeist, but can be equipped by most familiars
  • Will disappear at rollover
ittah bittah hookah Fam Equip 5
  • Gives a random beneficial effect every six combats
little box of fireworks Fam Equip 5
Loathing Legion helicopter Fam Equip 5
  • Increases the chance of a familiar action by an additive +25%
  • One of the many forms of the Loathing Legion knife
Mayflower bouquet Fam Equip 5
  • Various additional beneficial effects
moveable feast Fam Equip 5
  • Lets familiars to gain weight faster
  • Familiars sometimes attack opponents
plastic pumpkin bucket Fam Equip 5
Most familiar specific equipment Fam Equip 5
  • There are many pieces of familiar equipment that add +5 to weight and are specific to one familiar.
  • There is a full table of Weight Altering Familiar Specific Equipment below.
lead necklace Fam Equip 3
miniature antlers Fam Equip 1-5
serrated proboscis extension Fam Equip 20
  • Unimplemented test item
Panda outfit Fam Equip 5
toddler-sized Dragon Costume Fam Equip 5

Tiny Plastic Familiars

All of these are accessories.

Item Bonus
tiny die-cast turtle mech 2
tiny plastic ChibiBuddy™ 2
tiny plastic ancient yuletide troll 1
tiny plastic angry goat 1
tiny plastic baby gravy fairy 1
tiny plastic barrrnacle 1
tiny plastic blood-faced volleyball 1
tiny plastic Cheshire bat 1
tiny plastic cocoabo 1
tiny plastic coffee pixie 1
tiny plastic Crimbo elf 1
tiny plastic fuzzy dice 1
tiny plastic ghost pickle on a stick 1
tiny plastic ghuol whelp 1
tiny plastic gift-wrapping vampire 1
tiny plastic grue 1
tiny plastic howling balloon monkey 1
tiny plastic killer bee 1
tiny plastic leprechaun 1
tiny plastic levitating potato 1
tiny plastic mosquito 1
tiny plastic sabre-toothed lime 1
tiny plastic spooky pirate skeleton 1
tiny plastic stab bat 1
tiny plastic star starfish 1
tiny plastic sweet nutcracker 1


These are all Familiar Equipment (with the exception of the El Vibrato outfit) that alter the weight of a specific familiar (or group).

Source Bonus Familiar(s) Notes
El Vibrato Relics
(hat, 2H weap, pants)
10X El Vibrato Megadrone Bonus is 10x the helmet slots filled by DRONE charges (10 total, so +100 max)
tiny costume wardrobe 25 Doppelshifter Any familiar may equip, but only provides weight bonus to Doppelshifter
tiny makeup kit 15 Doppelshifter  
nosy nose ringy ring 15 Nosy Nose  
cracker 15 Exotic Parrot  
pet rock "Groucho"/"Snooty" disguises 11 Pet Rock, Toothsome Rock, or Bulky Buddy Box Do-nothings
bugged beanie 10 Baby Bugged Bugbear  
ironic moustache 10 Mini-Hipster Can be converted to other, non-weight benefit, equipment for the Hipster
solid state loom 10 Dataspider  
tiny cell phone 10 Purse Rat  
1.21 jigawatts 5 Temporal Riftlet  
100-Watt bulb 5 Jill-O-Lantern  
affordable teak perch 5 Pottery Barn Owl  
ant antidepressant 5 Mutant Fire Ant  
aquaviolet jub-jub bird 5 Frumious Bandersnatch Stat gains from the familiar are all allocated to Mysticality, rather than the normal 2:1:1
attention spanner 5 Attention-Deficit Demon  
blue suede shoes 5 Jumpsuited Hound Dog  
blundarrrbus 5 Spooky Pirate Skeleton  
bone collar 5 Misshapen Animal Skeleton  
bottle of Cochon Noir 5 Chauvinist Pig  
bottle of perfume 5 Jitterbug  
brass crank handle 5 Jack-in-the-Box  
brass stinger 5 Killer Bee  
cactus monocle 5 Mutant Cactus Bud  
candied yam pinky ring 5 Hand Turkey  
charpuce jub-jub bird 5 Frumious Bandersnatch Stat gains from the familiar are all allocated to Moxie, rather than the normal 2:1:1
chocolate spurs 5 Cocoabo  
cotton candy cordial 5 Cotton Candy Carnie  
crimsilion jub-jub bird 5 Frumious Bandersnatch Stat gains from the familiar are all allocated to Muscle, rather than the normal 2:1:1
crystal decanter 5 Happy Medium  
dental pliers 5 Crimbo Elf  
diamond-studded fronts 5 Wind-up Chattering Teeth  
extra-heavy BRICKO brick 5 BRICKO chick  
Extra-strength rubber bands 5 Rock Lobster  
eye 'n' horn shampoo 5 Uniclops  
eye-pod 5 Baby Gravy Fairy  
false eyelashes 5 Clockwork Grapefruit  
fin-bit wax 5 Magic Dragonfish  
flaming glowsticks 5 Flaming Gravy Fairy  
funky brass fez 5 Cymbal-Playing Monkey  
gazing shoes 5 Emo Squid  
gill rings 5 Grouper Groupie  
green pixie spog 5 Green Pixie  
half-height unicycle 5 Midget Clownfish  
hardware upgrade 5 O.A.F.  
hot pink lipstick 5 Sleazy Gravy Fairy  
hypodermic needle 5 Mosquito  
iced-out bling 5 Frozen Gravy Fairy  
icicle katana 5 Ninja Snowflake  
immense ballet shoes 5 Hippo Ballerina  
Jawmaster 2000™ 5 Mutant Gila Monster  
kitty sheet music 5 Piano Cat  
licorice boa 5 Peppermint Rhino  
limburger biker boots 5 Stinky Gravy Fairy  
little wooden mannequin 5 Artistic Goth Kid Improves +PVP ability of this familiar
magnifying glass 5 Star Starfish  
many-eyed glasses 5 Levitating Potato  
Meat detector 5 Leprechaun  
meatcar model 5 Fuzzy Dice  
menorette 5 Hanukkimbo Dreidl  
metal mandible 5 Sweet Nutcracker  
metallic foil bow 5 Crimbo P. R. E. S. S. I. E.  
metallic foil radar dish 5 Crimbo P. R. E. S. S. I. E. Changes stat gains from volleyball to sombrero formula
metrognome 5 Syncopated Turtle  
miniature carton of clove cigarettes 5 Spooky Gravy Fairy  
miniature castagnets 5 Casagnova Gnome  
miniature espresso maker 5 Coffee Pixie  
miniature Jacob's ladder 5 Hunchbacked Minion  
miniature pruning shears 5 Underworld Bonsai  
miniature tophat 5 Dancing Frog Zaps into a breathing apparatus for this familiar
miniscule beatbox 5 Blavious Kloop  
overclocked avian microprocessor 5 RoboGoose  
palm-frond toupee 5 Blood-Faced Volleyball  
pet anemone 5 Urchin Urchin  
pile of dungeon junk 5 Gelatinous Cubeling  
portable motorcycle 5 Rogue Program  
Pretty Predator Clawicure Kit 5 Snowy Owl  
prosthetic forehead 5 Angry Goat  
psychedelic bubble wand 5 Psychedelic Bear  
quadroculars 5 He-Boulder Reduces the timeout between major rays from 150 Adv to 101.
radioactive chew toy 5 Pair of Ragged Claws  
rainbow tie 5 Personal Raincloud  
rat tooth polish 5 Smiling Rat  
rattlesnake enrager 5 Baby Mutant Rattlesnake  
rhesus monkey 5 Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot  
ribcage rollcage 5 Mini-Skulldozer  
S.L.E.I.G.H.B.E.L.L.S. 5 Robot Reindeer  
security blankie 5 Grinning Turtle  
shiny gold fronts 5 Hovering Skull  
six-armed sweater 5 Cuddlefish  
skewer-mounted razor blade 5 Ghost Pickle on a Stick  
slightly thicker filthy rags 5 Feral Kobold  
smile-sharpening stone 5 Cheshire Bat  
snow halo 5 Snow Angel  
spoon! 5 Nervous Tick  
spruce juice 5 Bloovian Groose  
stomp box 5 Pair of Stomping Boots  
string of dingle balls 5 Baby Sandworm  
sucky decal 5 Barrrnacle  
tasteful black bow tie 5 Penguin Goodfella  
tiny ballet slippers 5 Sugar Fruit Fairy  
tiny balloon knife 5 Howling Balloon Monkey  
tiny bindle 5 Hobo Monkey  
tiny bust of Pallas 5 Reassembled Blackbird  
tiny do-rag 5 Tickle-Me Emilio  
tiny knife and fork 5 Ghuol Whelp  
tiny maracas 5 Hovering Sombrero  
tiny Mountie hat 5 Whirling Maple Leaf  
tiny prop sword 5 Dramatic Hedgehog  
tiny shaker of salt 5 Sabre-Toothed Lime  
unspeakable lozenges 5 Squamous Gibberer  
velvet choker 5 Feather Boa Constrictor  
woimbook 5 Oily Woim  
woolen cravat 5 Dandy Lion  
toy six-seater hovercraft -5 Inflatable Dodecapede Less weight is better for this familiar


Effects not bound to worn equipment (with not-technically-effects italicized):

Effect Source Type Bonus Duration Cost(s) Prereqs Notes
Amphibian Sympathy Passive 5 Always Skill known
Empathy Skill
(TT buff)
5 Totem-based 15 MP (caster) Skill known (caster)
Leash of Linguini Skill 5 10 turns 12 MP Skill known
Blood Bond Skill 5 10 turns 30 MP Skill known
Chorale of Companionship Skill
(AT song)
10 Accordion-based AT song slot,
50 MP (caster)
AT and skill known (caster),
Level 15 (recipient)
Potion 20 AT song slot
Meteor Showered Combat Skill 20 1 turn Use of skill
(limit: 5x/day)
Meteor Lore
  • Obtained by casting the combat skill Meteor Shower
  • Removed at the end of combat; only known way to retain it outside of combat is via rollover-runaway
  • +200% Weapon Damage
  • +200% Spell Damage
Chow Downed Skill 5 10 turns 1 Zombie ZM path
The Platypus Moon Sign 5 Ascension Choice of moon sign
Pajama Party PJs 10 40 turns Rollover slot (pants) 50 Mox
Spirit of Galactic Unity PJs 10 30 turns Rollover slot (accessory) 75 Mus
  • Obtained over Rollover by having Spacegate scientist's/military insignia equipped
  • 60 turns granted if wearing both insignias at rollover
75 Mys
Billiards Belligerence Boon 5 10 turns Choice of Pool Table buff
(limit: 3x/day)
VIP key, access to clan with Pool Table
A Girl Named Sue Boon 5 100 turns Choice of FT buff
(limit: 1x/day)
VIP key, access to clan with fortune teller
Open Heart Surgery Boon 10 50 turns Choice of LOV buff
(limit: 1x/day)
LOV Tunnel access
Puzzle Champ Boon 20* 25 turns Use of Witchess buff
(limit: 1x/day,
2x/day when maxed)
Witchess Set at your campground
  • Obtained by solving your 5 daily Witchess Puzzles
  • Bonus is 5+floor(total daily puzzles completed/10)
  • Once it is capped at +20, buff may be received 2x/day
Familiar.enq Boon 5 50 turns Choice of Enquiry
(limit: 1x/day)
Source Terminal at campground
You Can Really Taste the Dormouse Boon 5 30 turns Choice of Tea Party hat
(limit: 1x/day)
24-character hat
Optimist Primal Boon 5 20 turns Choice of Arena buff
(limit: 1x/day)
Arena quest completed as hippy
Happy Salamander Boon 3 10 turns Use of Radio buff
(limit: 1x/day)
Access to clan with radio
ChibiChanged™ Boon 5 5+ turns Use of buff
(limit: 1x/day)
ChibiBuddy™ (on)
  • Obtained from ChibiBuddy™; duration is 5*(your current buddy's age in days)
Video... Games? Boon 5 5 turns Use of token
(limit: 1x/daily)
defective Game Grid token
(1 full)
Level 5
Down With Chow Food
(1 full)
10 20 turns Level 6
Sugar-Frosted Pet Guts Food
(2 full)
5 40 turns Level 4
Souper Vengeful Food
(1 full)
3 10 turns TT (or very lucky)
Thanksgetting Food
(2 full per item)
2-10 20 turns per item
  • Obtained by eating any of the nine 2-fullness foods cooked from Cornucopia components
  • Bonus is 1+(number of unique cookied Cornucopia food eaten that day)
  • Also gives +40% meat drops and +20% item drops, scaled similarly
  • Effect turns are converted to Thanksgot over Rollover
Thanksgot Food...
sort of
2 Variable All turns of Thanksgetting
All Is Forgiven Booze
(2 drunk)
10 30 Level 5
Christmessy Booze
(1 drunk)
5 20 turns
Wassailing You Booze
(1 drunk)
5 40 turns Level 3
Hip to the Jive Booze
(3 drunk)
10 50 turns Choice of Speakeasy drink
(limit: 3x/day),
5,000 Meat
VIP key, access to clan with Speakeasy where drink is unlocked
  • Obtained by drinking Hot Socks
  • +2 Familiar Experience Per Combat
  • Familiar Damage +20
Turkey-Friendly Booze
(1 drunk)
5 25 turns
Smart Drunk Booze
(10 drunk)
20 1 turn
Toothy Grin Booze
(2 drunk)
5 30 turns
Crimbeau'd Spline
(1 spleen)
10 50 turns
The Inquisitor's Unknown Effect Spline
(1 spleen)
10 100 turns Level 6
Party on Your Skin Spline
(1 spleen)
5 50 turns Level 4
  • Obtained by chewing a Party-in-a-Can™
  • Maximum HP +50%
  • Maximum MP +50%
  • Serious Resistance to all elements (+3)
Cute Vision Spline
(4 spleen)
5 50 turns Level 6
Heavy Petting Spline
(1 spleen)
5 30 turns
Boxing Day Glow Spline
(1 spleen)
5 100 turns Boxing Daycare access
Joy Spline
(1 spleen)
10 50 turns
Beastly Flavor Spline
(4 spleen)
3 10 turns Level 4
Gleam-Inducing Spline
(1 spleen)
5 50 turns Level 5
Cold Hearted Potion 10 (↓) 5 turns
  • Obtained by using love song of icy revenge (x4 to max the bonus; +more to maintain it)
  • Bonus is ceil(turns remaining/2), capped at 10
Blue Swayed Potion 5 (↓) 10 turns
  • Obtained by using pulled blue taffy (x5 to max the bonus; +more to maintain it)
  • Bonus is ceil(turns remaining/10), capped at 5
  • Also gives +ceil(turns remaining/5) Familiar Experience Per Combat, capped at +10
She Ate Too Much Candy Potion 25 (↓) 5 turns
  • Obtained by using prunets (x25 to max the bonus; +more to maintain it)
  • Bonus is (turns remaining), capped at 25
Robot Friends Potion 20 1 turn
Over-Familiar With Dactyls Potion 5 20 turns
Man's Worst Enemy Potion 5 10 turns
Work For Hours a Week Potion 5 100 turns
Spookyravin' Potion 10 20 turns
Healthy Green Glow Potion 10 10 turns
Human-Fish Hybrid Potion 10 30 turns
Human-Machine Hybrid Potion 5 30 turns
Kindly Resolve Potion 5 20 turns
Loyal Tea Potion 5 30 turns
Sweet Incentive Potion 5 20 turns
Warm Shoulders Potion 5 20 turns
Shrimpin' Ain't Easy Potion 5 20 turns
Green Tongue Potion 5 20 turns snowcone buff slot
Black Tongue Potion 5 20 turns snowcone buff slot
Heart of Green Potion 3 10 turns
Bestial Sympathy Potion 3 10 turns
Whole Latte Love Potion 10 30 turns
Unbarking Dogs Potion 10 20 turns
Squirming Like a Toad Potion 5 10 turns
Crocodile Tear Potion 10 15 turns underwater
Greased-Up Familiar Potion 5 40 turns underwater
Bureaucratized  ? 10 20 turns 12 turns spent as a mole used a llama lama gong
Phairly Pheromonal  ? 4 20 turns 15ish(?) turns spent in memories empty agua de vida bottle in inventory
  • Obtained at Seaside Megalopolis after a specific series of choices made in staggered noncombats
extremely well-fed Boon 10 20 combat turns Use of buff
(limit: 5x/day,
different familiars)


Note that the weight decrease of the three Bad Moon effects does not stack (but the attribute bonuses do).

Source Source Type Penalty Duration Cost Prereq Notes
rat head balloon Fam Equip -3 Equipped Slot
das boot Fam Equip -10 Equipped Slot
little bitty bathysphere Fam Equip -20 Equipped Slot
Drunkula's wineglass Off-Hand Item -30 Equipped Slot 100 Mys
  • Prevents you from using skills and spells and combat items
  • Allows adventuring while falling-down drunk
Animal Exploiter Effect -50% 10 turns 1x adv Bad Moon
Once Bitten, Twice Shy Effect -50% 10 turns 1x adv Bad Moon
Scent of a Kitchen Elf Effect -50% 10 turns 1x adv Bad Moon

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