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Familiar Names

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Star Spawn, Grim Brother, Grimstone Golem and Helix Fossil names once spaded

Every time an adventurer puts a familiar hatchling into his or her Familiar-Gro™ Terrarium, and it becomes their very own familiar, it is given a default name. The game tells you the selected default name by displaying the following message:

You decide to name <him> <familiar name>.

The familiar's name will appear in its action messages; for example, this message could appear during a battle:

Gobert attempts to hit <him>, but misses.
In this case, the <familiar name> is Gobert.

Of course, an adventurer can rename his or her familiar to whatever name they want to by clicking Manage Familiar Names, which is located on the Manage your Familiar page.

Default Familiar Names

Most new familiar names are put together randomly with the help of the following recipe (some exceptions can be found below):

Tterrarium.gif G (r) o bert
n (ald)
T (r) g
Equals.gif generic familiar name

If the rules of this recipe are followed, then the following familiar names can be chosen:

Gobert Grobert Tobert Trobert
Gofflesby Grofflesby Tofflesby Trofflesby
Gon Gron Ton Tron
Gonald Gronald Tonald Tronald
Gog Grog Tog Trog
Gorg Grorg Torg Trorg
Gort Grort Tort Trort
Got Grot Tot Trot

Special Familiar Names

A number of familiars do not use the default name generator, instead using their own name custom generators. Additionally, some have restrictions on what you can call them.

Adorable Space Buddy A random string consisting of the letters C, T, H, U, L, and apostrophes.
Artistic Goth Kid Gothy name generator.
Baby Bugged Bugbear Always starts as snɔɐʇɹɐdS.
Blood-Faced Volleyball Cannot be named Wilson, in order to spur creativity. Voit and Spaulding, however, are allowed as names.
BRICKO chick Random four-digit number.
Clockwork Grapefruit Always starts as 6655321.
Exotic Parrot Cannot be named Polly. If you try to do so, it will be named Unoriginality instead.
Flaming Face Pairing of a heat-related attribute and a name.
Gelatinous Cubeling Squishy-sounding name, such as Shluuuuurk or Squuuulp
Grimstone Golem Mineral + Grim adjective, e.g. Citrine Dour
Homemade Robot "<ADJECTIVE>bot N000", where N is a digit and adjective is an adjective.
Mini-Adventurer "Little <PlayerName>".
Mini-Hipster Randomly chosen from the list of hobo first names.
Ragamuffin Imp Cannot be named the word that is used to summon it. Instead, it will be named Spoiler.
Squamous Gibberer Follows the default naming system, but always begins with Cth-.
Steam-Powered Cheerleader Has a small number of female names, e.g. "Gypsy".
Tickle-Me Emilio Always starts as Emilio.


  • During Bad Moon, if an adventurer places a familiar that he or she had obtained in a previous ascension into his or her terrarium, then the following message will appear:
    As you place the <hatchling> in your Familiar-Gro™ Terrarium, you feel a brief sense of deja-vu. You decide to name this familiar <previous familiar name>.
  • If you go to your Manage Your Familiar page and leave your active familiar's name field blank, then the familiar is renamed using the default naming system for that familiar.
    • This does not work from the Manage Familiar Names page; leaving a name blank there results in the default name of No Name McGee.
  • Trying to name a familiar with ten or more of the same character or digit gives the following error message:
I reckon you tried too many repeating characters, mmhmm.
  • Attempting to give your familiar a choice or swear word as its name will cause it to be named [profanity] instead.
  • Placing brackets ([ ] or { }) in a familiar name will cause the brackets to show up everywhere (in your side frame, terrarium, character sheet, etc.), except during combat. If you are engaged in combat, the familiar's name will be displayed without the brackets (for example, [x] or {x} would show up as just x during combat). If you only place brackets in a familiar name, then the name will be displayed as a blank spot during combat.
  • Some accented characters can be used in familiar names. However, familiar names must be in ISO-8859-1. Attempting to use names in other charsets (many web browsers use UTF-8) will result in the bits being interpreted as if they were in ISO-8859-1, thus leading to buggy results.
    • As a deliberate joke, the default name for the Baby Bugged Bugbear is not in ISO-8859-1, and it will be corrupted if you use the Manage Familiar Names page.


  • Prior to the trivial update on August 1st, 2009, no message about what familiar name was chosen would appear when you used a hatchling.
  • Prior to the trivial update on June 6th, 2014, leaving the name field blank would result in No Name McGee. Also prior to this update, including a < character would result in the above, and any & characters were replaced with n.


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