Factory overseer (male)

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Factory overseer
Monster ID 1790
Locations LavaCo™ Lamp Factory
Hit Points 100
Attack 50
Defense 50
Initiative 50
Meat 120-180
Phylum dude
Elements hot
Resistance  ?
Monster Parts arm, head, leg, torso
asbestos thermos,heat-resistant necktie
Manuel Entry
refreshedit data
factory overseer You're fighting a factory overseer

This guy's job is to make sure the women doing mind-numbingly repetitive work with boiling lava in an enclosed space for long hours and low pay don't accidentally enjoy themselves while they're doing it.

Hit Message(s):

He clubs you with the insulated thermos he uses to keep his coffee from getting too hot to drink. (hot damage)

He picks up a spare bottle-filler and fills your <ankle> with lava. (hot damage)

The overseer throws some lava at you, over-searing your <head>. (hot damage)

Critical Hit Message:

He cracks you across the face with his clipboard, and threatens to take the cost of a new one out of your paycheck.

Miss Message(s):

He starts to throw some lava at you, but the inventory is tracked down to the ounce.

He starts to hit you with his thermos, but remembers how much it cost just in time.

He yells at you to get back to work, and refuses to take the fact that you don't work here as an excuse.

Fumble Message:

"Hey!" he says. "If you've got time to fight, you've got time to... fill lava... lights." (FUMBLE!)

After Combat

Meat.gifYou gain 160 Meat
Thermos.gifYou acquire an item: asbestos thermos (15% chance)*
Httie.gifYou acquire an item: heat-resistant necktie (5% chance)*

Occurs at LavaCo™ Lamp Factory.