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This trophy is earned by killing all the monsters in The Dungeons of Doom, except for The Master Of Thieves and the Mimic, 120 times over a single ascension.

Extinctionist You're entitled to the "Extinctionist" Trophy, for emptying out the Dungeons of Doom.


  • Despite the trophy description and how it works in NetHack, killing 120 of each monster in the Dungeons of Doom doesn't stop that monster from appearing while you adventure there.
  • Can be only earned by killing monsters in the Dungeons of Doom over a single ascension.


  • Extinctionist refers to the fact that, in general, no more than 120 of any creature may be generated in a single game of NetHack. Some players set themselves the task of making as many creatures extinct as possible.
  • The image depicts the setup used by many NetHack players performing extinctionist runs - the player lures (summoned) monsters onto an altar surrounded by a boulder fortification and kills them, using the boulders to restrict the path of the monsters and using the altar to sacrifice their corpses for various rewards.
  • The image name refers to the above setup, wherein the player would be rewarded by his/her god for sacrificing monsters on the altar. Curiously, the name is "Devoutly Aligned" rather than "Piously Aligned", the latter being the highest level of alignment.