Everfull glass

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everfull glass
everfull glass

May your glass never be empty, they said, and this is the answer to their prayers.

Type: booze (???)
Potency: 4
Cannot be discarded

Is never empty.

(In-game plural not known - if you know it, please add it here.)
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Item number: 9966
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Obtained From

The Neverending Party
party girl

When Used

You drink the liquid in the cup. Someone must have poured some of their <booze> into it. Somebody else immediately walks up to you and pours some of whatever they're drinking into the cup.
AdventuresYou gain X Adventures.
You gain some Muscleboundness.
You gain some Mysteriousness.
You gain some Chutzpah.
You gain 4 Drunkenness.


  • Only one everfull glass can be consumed per day.
  • When used, consumes a random 4-potency booze. The image for that booze appears in the use message. Adventures and stats are gained as normal.


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