Ethelfred Hornpipe, the Crimbo Elf

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Ethelfred Hornpipe, the Crimbo Elf
Ethelfred Hornpipe, the Crimbo Elf

What are you doing here all dressed up for Crimbo? This is Halloween, you idiot! You can't mix Halloween and Christmas. The last time somebody tried it, we ended up with this freaky skeleton in a Father Crimbo suit, leaving spooky presents for everybody. We finally had to take him out with a missile. Well, with mistletoe. Skeletons don't like being kissed. They don't have any lips, you know.

Anyway, put away the bow tux until next crimbo, will ya? You look like a dork. Take these and get outta here.

Candycane.gifYou acquire an item: candy cane

Occurs while Trick or Treating in the Bow Tux.


  • Oddly enough, he still said 'You can't mix Halloween and Christmas.' on Crimboween.


  • Ethelfred's rant refers to the 1993 Tim Burton movie The Nightmare Before Christmas, in which Halloween characters attempt to claim Christmas. Near the end of the movie, the main character, a skeleton, is hit by a missile. Danny Elfman's "This Is Halloween" is a song from that same movie.
  • Ethelfred's name is a reference to I Love Lucy, in which Lucy and Ricky Ricardo's good friends and neighbors are Fred and Ethel Mertz.
  • Ethelfred's name may also be a reference to Ethelred, the name of two Saxon kings of England, including Ethelred the Unready, who effectively lost England to the Danes in the 11th Century.