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Effect Removers are things adventurers use to get rid of unwanted effects. For buffs, shrugging them off is sufficient, so one of these is not needed.

Not all effects will go away when one of these is used. Effects with the noremove flag set cannot be removed with one or more of these methods.

It is worth noting that items that remove effects when used usually only remove one effect at a time. Skills and monsters that remove effects generally remove more than one.

Name Effects Removed Cost Type Notes
all-purpose cleaner One random Negative Status Effect Item Loss Potion
Disco Nap Confused, Embarrassed, Sleepy, Sunburned, Wussiness 8 MP Disco Bandit guild skill
  • Restores 20 HP.
Disco Power Nap Too many effects to list here - see the Disco Power Nap page. 12 MP Disco Bandit guild skill
  • Restores 40 HP.
Ol' Scratch Almost all effects in the game N/A Boss
  • Removes up to 10 effects at the start of combat, if you fail to get the jump and have more than 4 effects.
  • Removes 10 more effects with his special move during combat, if you still have more than 4 effects active.
soft green echo eyedrop antidote Almost all effects in the game Item Loss Potion
  • One effect removed per SGEEA.
The Naughty Sorceress Buffs and beneficial effects only N/A Boss
  • Does many other things too. Removing effects is the first thing done in combat.
Tongue of the Walrus Axe Wound, Beaten Up, Grilled, Half-Eaten Brain, Missing Fingers, Sunburned 10 MP Seal Clubber guild skill
  • Restores 30-40 HP.