Dwarvish war kilt

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dwarvish war kilt
dwarvish war kilt

This is a finely-crafted dwarvish (dwarven?) war kilt, made of tightly-woven links of aluminum chainmail. It even comes with its own sporran, which is the pouch worn in front of the kilt to keep your keys in. Or your money, or rocks, or anything heavy really, because its real function is to keep the kilt from blowing up on windy days.

Type: pants
Power: 165
Moxie Required: 67
Outfit: Dwarvish War Uniform
  (3 items)

Selling Price: 777 Meat.
Cannot be traded

Blinky Lights

(In-game plural: dwarvish war kilts)
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Item number: 3206
Description ID: 859450844
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Obtained From

Dwarven Machine Room


  • At the start of combat:
A little light on your sporran lights up <color>
Two little lights light up on your sporran -- a <color> one and a <color> one.
Three little lights light up <color>, <color>, and <color> on your sporran.
Your sporran lights up with a series of four little lights: <color>, <color>, <color>, and <color>.
  • At the start of combat, if the opponent's stats are too high to display:
A bunch of little lights on your sporran start flashing random colors like there's a rave on your crotch.


  • This item is obtained in the Dwarven Machine Room in exchange for one dwarvish punchcard, by using the correct number of chunks of chrome ore, asbestos ore, linoleum ore, and lumps of coal in the machine hoppers, correctly setting the other machine elements, and activating the machine.
  • Only one item from the Dwarvish War Uniform can be obtained per ascension, as the dwarvish punchcard is a non-tradable one-time drop item.
  • Wearing this item results in a message at the beginning of combat describing the number and colors of lights lit up on your sporran. This may be interpreted as a number by matching colors and digits:
0 1 2 3 4 5 6
red orange yellow green blue indigo violet
The result is a base-7 number corresponding to the absolute value of the monster's defense.
For example, if it blinks yellow, red, orange, the base-7 number is 201 (which gives a base-10 value of 99).


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