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Drunkenness (or Tipsiness, Inebriety, or Temulency) is a measure of how drunk you are. As opposed to fullness and spleen, you are allowed to become drunk beyond the limit allowed for adventuring, which is, by default, 14. When this occurs, you become "falling-down drunk" and will only encounter Drunken Stupor adventures instead of normal adventures in most zones. Drunkenness is reset to zero each day at rollover, and upon Ascension.

Most Drunkenness comes from booze, but you can also gain drunkenness from adventures in:

Or from using:

Players who are on the Teetotaler or Oxygenarian paths cannot contract drunkenness by any means.

Liver Capacity Modifiers

These change how much drunkenness you can sustain before becoming falling-down drunk.

Capacity modifier Value of modifier Notes
Hard Drinker +10 A skill, specific to the Avatar of Sneaky Pete.
Liver of Steel +5 Skill gained from drinking a steel margarita.
Nightcap +5 A skill, specific to the Avatar of Jarlsberg.
Being an Avatar of Sneaky Pete +5 A special challenge path.
Replacement Liver +5 Bought at the Underworld Body Shop. Only available to Ed.
Hard Drinker +5 A skill learnable from Tales of the West: Cow Punching
Hollow Leg +1 Skill gained from drinking a Sloppy Jalopy.
Stooper +1 Bonus liver capacity only applies when familiar is active.
Being an Avatar of Jarlsberg -5 A special challenge path.
Being any Avatar of West of Loathing -5 A special challenge path.
Being an Avatar of Boris -10 A special challenge path.
Being a Zombie Slayer -10 A special challenge path.
Being Ed -15

Drunkenness Modifiers

The following items or adventures can reduce your drunkenness:

Drunkenness modifier Value of modifier Notes
spice melange -3 Once each day only.
Ultra Mega Sour Ball -3 Once each day only.
Alien plant pod -3 Once each day only.
cuppa Sobrie tea -1 Once each day only, and only if you actually are drunk.
synthetic dog hair pill -1 Once each day only, and only if you actually are drunk.
Get out of drunk free card Varies Will make you just sober enough to not be falling-down drunk. Occurs on an account's third adventure (ever) in Drunken Stupor.
Choosing "Go the the fourth floor" in The Towering Inferno Discotheque -1 Requires at least 4 Disco Style. Only one choice from the non-combat (except the store) can be chosen per day.

On St. Sneaky Pete's Day, you can drink green beer as long as you are less than eleven points above your ordinary maximum capacity; should you reach 26 or more drunkenness by this or any other means, you will adventure at St. Sneaky Pete's Day Stupor in lieu of the general Drunken Stupor.


When you are within 5 drunkenness of your current limit, your character pane (in full mode but not compact mode) will display the message:

You'd better keep an eye on your drinking.

When you have met or exceeded your current drunkenness limit, your character pane (in full mode) will display the message:

You are falling-down drunk.

Whenever your drunkenness is enough for a message about your drunkenness to be displayed in your character pane, your messages in chat will also occasionally be followed by "-hic-".

If you attempt to drink more booze while falling-down drunk, you instead receive the message:

You're way too drunk already.

Falling-Down Drunk

While falling-down drunk, in addition to not being able to encounter normal adventures, you also cannot:

While you cannot adventure normally while falling-down drunk, there are several ways you can still use adventures:

You can also enter into combat by using certain items:


  • There are leaderboards in the Museum for the drunkest player, and for the most hungover player (who was the drunkest player yesterday).
  • Since most drunkenness is gained while gaining adventures, it is standard strategy to become falling-down drunk at the end of every day and let the gained adventures roll over as the drunkenness is removed.
  • Going to the Trophy Hut with 1000 or more drunkenness allows one to purchase the Little Chickadee trophy.
  • It is commonly believed that Drunkenness increases the chance of a player fumbling, however this is not the case.
  • The amount of drunkenness determines the effectiveness, on the following day, of the Antihangover effect from a hair of the fish.
  • Having Drunkula's wineglass from the Dreadsylvania clan dungeon equipped allows adventuring "normally" while falling-down drunk. The negatives the wine glass has, including preventing the use of spells and combat items, make these adventures somewhat abnormal.
  • Your level of drunkenness affects your Pool Skill.
  • Drunkenness affects your fight with Count Drunkula.
  • In paths that have a higher liver capacity (namely, Avatar of Sneaky Pete and License to Adventure), you can drink to that capacity before breaking the prism, and your drunkenness will be set to your new capacity afterwards. However, if you are overdrunk before breaking the prism, you will still be overdrunk after.

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