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Doc Galaktik's Quest for Herbs

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  • First ascension: Reached level 5 and decrypted the knob goblin map to open Cobb's Knob
  • Subsequent ascensions: none

Visit Doc Galaktik's Medicine Show, who is running short on ingredients for his medicines. After accepting the quest, you will be asked to gather 3 swindleblossoms, 3 fraudwort, and 3 shysterweed.



  • 40% discount on Curative Nostrums and Fizzy Invigorating Tonics at Doc Galaktik's Medicine Show (See Notes).
  • In your quest log under completed quests you will see: "You found some herbs for Doc Galaktik, and he rewarded you with a permanent discount on Curative Nostrums and Fizzy Invigorating Tonics. Nifty!"


On initial visit:

Say, my friend -- you look like a hale and hardy Adventurer! I don't suppose you'd care to assist me with a little problem I've got?

On choosing Sure, I'll Help. before reaching Level 5:

No can do, my friend!

On choosing Sure, I'll Help.:

"That's good news, my friend! Here's the situation. I've run out of ingredients for some of my patent medicines, and I simply don't have the time to go out and gather them myself.
First, I'll need three swindleblossoms. I'm not sure where they grow, but I know that the harem girls of Cobb's Knob like to wear them in their hair.
After that, I'll need three sprigs of fraudwort. It's used by ninja assassins from Hey Deze to make poisons.
Finally, I'll need three bundles of shysterweed -- it only grows near the graves of liars. Or so I've been told. The guy might've been lying, I guess."

On subsequent visits:

Oh, it's you! Have you found those herbs for me yet? I'm running really low on medicine!

Upon completion:

Ah, my friend! You've found my herbs! These will come in very, very handy. To show my appreciation, I'd like to offer you a lifetime discount on Curative Nostrums and Fizzy Invigorating Tonics. Of course, I'll be taking a loss every time, but you, my friend, you deserve it!


  • If you are the correct level for the quest but Doc Galaktik doesn't offer it to you, you may need to go see the Council of Loathing. After the Council gives you The King of Cobb's Knob Quest, Doc Galaktik should give you this quest.
  • The discount is removed after ascending.
  • Once a player has ascended at least once, they will no longer need to be level 5 to receive this quest; the player can simply go to Doc Galaktik at any time in their run and do so.


  • The three herbs which Doc Galaktik asks you to gather are named after words used to describe deception: fraud, swindle, and shyster.
  • There is a Dead Milkmen song that has the line "I'm on a quest for herb..."
  • "What's up, Doc?" is a phrase frequently used by the Looney Toons character Bugs Bunny.