Disguises Delimit (adventure)

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Disguises Delimit
Disguises Delimit

"Where's your mask!?" shouts a concerned voice from behind you. You whirl around to see a woman wearing an oversized robot mask.

"My what?"

"Your mask! Don't you know it's mask season? Nobody who's anybody would be caught dead without a mask! Why don't you have one?"

"So, anybody who isn't nobody would be caught alive, then?"

"Look, just take this, and stop trying to be funny."

She hands you a cheap paper mask.

Put on the Mask

"Oh, and by the way. Anybody you want to trade masks with, just ask. They have to do it. Ancient tradition."

You ask if she wants to trade masks, but she's already gone.

You put on the mask. The world looks smaller through its tiny eyeholes.

Occurs on starting a new Disguises Delimit ascension