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Demonstarworker.gif You're fighting a Worker.

You swoop toward the crablike worker ship (or robot, or whatever) on an attack vector and fire a warning shot across its bow. (Yes, it was totally a warning shot, and not a regular attack that missed.) The crab-thing whirls around with what would be a surprised expression on its face, if it had a face that was capable of expressions.

  • You miss:
    • The crab robot quickly moves to one side, barely dodging the deadly particle rays that were launched when you pushed the button that makes your ship's cannon fire. I apologize for the highly experimental nature of that sentence.
  • You hit:
    • Your focused electron beams sizzle through the vacuum of space and burst on the hull of the worker ship. It squeals tinnily and begins to fly in more erratic circles.
    • Your ship's cannons score a direct hit to the side of the crab robot, sending plumes of sparks and smoke from the damaged hull.
  • Worker misses:
    • With a bleepy electronic battle-cry, the crab robot charges at your ship. You casually shift to the left a bit, and the worker sails right past you. Silly robot crab!
  • Worker hits:
    • The crab ship makes a kamikaze charge and rams your ship. Fortunately, it doesn't seem to have enough power to cause any significant damage.
  • Occasionally, after a hit:
    • However, the vibration knocks open the hatch to your bomb bay, and one of the bombs is shaken loose. The crab-thing grabs it triumphantly, and shoots it with a little beam that somehow converts it back into a regular blurstite crystal.
  • If you destroy the Worker:
    • You set your attack vector delta array jargon jargon and fire your cannons at the crab-ship. It explodes very satisfyingly in a cloud of sparks and burning metal with an electronic ARRRGGH!
  • If the worker had a crystal:
    • As the dust and wreckage scatters, you see the crystal that the worker robot was carrying, and swoop down to claim it.

      "Blurstite crystal collected," says the ship's computer. "Converting to blurstium charge. ...Conversion complete. Blurstium charge acquired. Bomb bay capacity at X%."

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