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Demonstar4.gif You're fighting the DemonStar.

The gargantuan metal demon face bears down on you with a furious roar, its eyes glowing crimson with evil, hatred, and madness. You cannot even begin to comprehend who would construct such a ludicrous weapon -- anyway, you have no time to contemplate it now.

Sweat trickles down your face as your reach for the dashboard controls. You get one chance at this. expressions.


Gritting your teeth, you punch the button to fire your main blaster array. Pew pew pew! go the blasters.

The shot goes plink as it bounces harmlessly from the DemonStar's armored hull.

Impossibly loud metallic laughter fills your ears as lights blink on around the DemonStar's perimeter. Tractor beams lance out of them, focusing on your ship and dragging you toward the DemonStar's giant fanged mouth.

You have just enough time to realize what a ridiculous way to die this is, before your ship crumples and shatters between the DemonStar's teeth. Everything goes black.


Praying desperately, you pound your fist on the "BOMB RELEASE" button on your console. "Blurstium charge released," says the computer. In your viewscreen, you can see the pulsing white flare drop out of the bomb hatch, and zip toward the DemonStar.

  • If it failed to destroy the DemonStar:

It detonates on the giant metal face, blowing off one of the armored plates and revealing a mess of blackened girders and tangled, sparking wires. DemonStar roars in pain and fury, then charges toward you.

As the monstrous battlestation's fangs begin to crush your ship, you have a brief moment to wonder if this is the most insane way anyone has ever died before. Then your ship's engine explodes, and everything goes black.

  • If it destroyed the DemonStar:

The DemonStar, already severely damaged by previous bomb blasts, roars in pain and fury as the bomb slams into one of its eyes and detonates. Explosions rip through the enormous metal construct in a violent chain-reaction, blowing off fragments of armored plates and blackened hunks of twisted metal. Finally, the beast's scream is cut off by a final titanic explosion as its reactor core melts down. Your viewscreen, and then your entire field of vision, goes blinding white, and then fades to black.

Run Away

You quickly swivel your ship around 180° and try to make a break for it. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it turns out to not be a very good decision. You don't even get to see how you die before everything goes black.