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What happens when an inflatable dodecapede is inserted? Does it lose 1 experience? Nothing? Are there any missing interactions with having this and the Bjorn out at the same time? Any missing messages for having bb + this equipped?
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Crown of Thrones
Crown of Thrones

This is a hat with a little chair on it for one of your familiars to sit in. Heavy is the head that wears the throne.

Type: hat
Power: 100
Cannot be discarded

Put a Familiar In It!
That Familiar gains 1 Experience per Fight

NOTE: This item cannot be equipped while in Hardcore.

(In-game plural: Crowns of Thrones)
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Obtained From

Obsoleted Areas/Methods
Mr. Store (1 Mr. Accessory)


Familiars containing the letter "B" are highlighted in yellow. During Bees Hate You runs, these familiars cannot be added to equipment.

Undead familiars are highlighted in grey. During Zombie Slayer runs, these are the only familiars that can be added to equipment.

Familiars that fit both these categories are highlighted in grey-yellow.

Occupant Familiars - edit
Main Effect Familiar Additional Effects Frequency
-5% Combat Frequency Grimstone Golem grimstone mask Once per day
+5% Combat Frequency Grim Brother grim fairy tale Twice per day
+10 to Monster Level Bark Scorpion 15-20 poison 33%
El Vibrato Megadrone 10-15 MP First three rounds of combat
Intergnat 10-20 damage 33%
+25% Booze Drops from Monsters Party Mouse 5-6 HP (95%) or drops a random decent/good booze (5%) First round of combat
+15% Booze Drops from Monsters Spirit Hobo 5-15 Meat First three rounds of combat
+20% Candy Drops from Monsters Yule Hound candy cane
+15% Food Drops from Monsters Gluttonous Green Ghost bean burrito, enchanted bean burrito, or jumping bean burrito
+15% Item Drops from Monsters Adventurous Spelunker bubblewrap ore, cardboard ore, styrofoam ore, teflon ore, velcro ore, or vinyl ore Once per combat (6/day)
Feral Kobold 5-15 meat First three rounds of combat
Li'l Xenomorph lunar isotope Rarely
Optimistic Candle glob of melted wax Thrice per day
Rockin' Robin 10-30 meat First three rounds of combat
+10% Item Drops from Monsters Cat Burglar 10-30 Sleaze Damage and Delevels by 8-12 100% on first round of combat

25% on the rest

Oily Woim 5-15 meat First three rounds of combat
Reassembled Blackbird blackberry Once per combat (33% chance each turn)
Reconstituted Crow blackberry Once per combat (33% chance each turn)
+15% Weapon Drops from Monsters Slimeling (10% of monster's current HP) damage First three rounds of combat (Not 100% chance, needs spading)
+2 Moxie Stat(s) Per Fight Blood-Faced Volleyball 15-20 Spooky Damage 33%
Cymbal-Playing Monkey 5-25 damage 30%
Hovering Skull 15-25 Sleaze Damage  ?
Jill-O-Lantern 8-10 HP First three rounds of combat
Mariachi Chihuahua staggers opponent 50%
Nervous Tick 8-10 HP First three rounds of combat
+2 Muscle Stat(s) Per Fight Baby Z-Rex 10-20 damage 33%
Chauvinist Pig 15-25 Sleaze Damage 33%
Grinning Turtle 15-25 Spooky Damage 30%
Hunchbacked Minion skeleton bone, disembodied brain
Killer Bee 8-10 HP First three rounds of combat
Baby Mutant Rattlesnake 15-25 poison 33%
+2 Mysticality Stat(s) Per Fight Cheshire Bat 8-10 HP
Dramatic Hedgehog Delevels, Heals 2-3 HP
Hovering Sombrero 15-25 Spooky Damage 33%
Pygmy Bugbear Shaman 5-6 HP, 3-4 MP, Delevels opponent 3-5 First three rounds of combat
Reanimated Reanimator hot wing, broken skull Once per combat
Sugar Fruit Fairy 15-25 damage 33%
Uniclops 15-25 damage 30%
+2 Stat(s) Per Fight Frumious Bandersnatch 2-4 damage, 2-4 Cold Damage, 2-4 Hot Damage, 2-4 Sleaze Damage, 2-4 Spooky Damage, 2-4 Stench Damage 33%
Jack-in-the-Box delevels opponent 3-5
Lil' Barrel Mimic 10-20 damage 33%
Purse Rat 40-50 damage 30%
+3 Stat(s) Per Fight Smiling Rat 15-20 Spooky Damage, delevels opponent 3-5  ?
+15 Cold Damage Mini-Crimbot 8-10 Cold Damage 33%
+20 Cold Damage Frozen Gravy Fairy cold nuggets Once per combat
+10 Hot Damage Pottery Barn Owl volcanic ash 10% chance, 2nd turn of combat
+15 Hot Damage Cute Meteor 10-30 Hot Damage 33%
+20 Hot Damage Flaming Gravy Fairy hot nuggets Once per combat
Mutant Fire Ant 15-25 poison
+25 Damage to Hot Spells Garbage Fire burning newspaper Three per day
+20 Sleaze Damage Sleazy Gravy Fairy sleaze nuggets Once per combat
+15 Spooky Damage Reagnimated Gnome Delevels opponent 3-5  ?
Restless Cow Skull 15-20 Spooky Damage Every combat round
+20 Spooky Damage Spooky Gravy Fairy spooky nuggets Once per combat
+15 Stench Damage Sludgepuppy 15-20 Stench Damage Every combat round
Topiary Skunk 15-25 Stench Damage 33%?
+20 Stench Damage Stinky Gravy Fairy stench nuggets Once per combat
+20% Meat from Monsters Attention-Deficit Demon chorizo brownies, white chocolate and tomato pizza, or carob chunk noodles
Casagnova Gnome 14-20 HP, 8-14 MP First round of combat
Coffee Pixie 5-6 MP First three rounds of combat
Dancing Frog delevels opponent 3-5
Grouper Groupie 15-25 Sleaze Damage 30%
Hand Turkey 5-15 Meat First three rounds of combat
Hippo Ballerina delevels opponent 33%
Jitterbug 15-20 Stench Damage, 8-10 HP First three rounds of combat
Leprechaun 5-15 Meat First three rounds of combat
Mutant Cactus Bud 15-25 poison
Obtuse Angel 5-6 MP First three rounds of combat
Piano Cat beertini, papaya slung, salty slug, or tomato daiquiri. 30%
Psychedelic Bear delevels opponent 3-5
Robortender 15-20 physical
+25% Meat from Monsters Hobo Monkey 15-25 Hot Damage, delevels opponent 3-5 First three rounds of combat
Knob Goblin Organ Grinder 5-15 Meat First three rounds of combat
Happy Medium 5-15 Meat First three rounds of combat
Golden Monkey gold nuggets First round of combat only; 50% chance
+5 to Familiar Weight Animated Macaroni Duck 20-50 damage 30%
Autonomous Disco Ball delevels opponent 5-9
Barrrnacle 10-30 damage 30%
Gelatinous Cubeling 10-30 damage 30%
Ghost Pickle on a Stick 8-10 HP First three rounds of combat
Misshapen Animal Skeleton 5-15 Meat, 20-40 Spooky Damage First three rounds of combat
Pair of Ragged Claws staggers opponent 30%
Penguin Goodfella 15-30 damage 30%
Spooky Pirate Skeleton staggers opponent 30%
All Attributes +7 Machine Elf drops abstractions 20%, 25/day
All Attributes +10 Artistic Goth Kid 10-19 HP, 3-4 MP, staggers opponent
Cocoabo white chocolate chips
Crimbo P. R. E. S. S. I. E. delevels opponent 3-5
Crimbo Shrub delevels opponent 3-5  ?
Fuzzy Dice staggers opponent 30%
Hanukkimbo Dreidl delevels opponent 3-5
He-Boulder 5-15 Meat First three rounds of combat
Mini-Hipster 10-20 HP, 3-4 MP, staggers
Ms. Puck Man yellow pixel  ?
Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot 10-15 HP, 8-10 MP First three rounds of combat
Personal Raincloud 5-6 HP, 3-4 MP
Puck Man yellow pixel  ?
RoboGoose staggers opponent 30%
Robot Reindeer candy cane, eggnog, fruitcake, or gingerbread bugbear 30%
Steam-Powered Cheerleader delevels opponent 8-10
Stocking Mimic Angry Farmer candy, Cold Hots candy, Rock Pops, Tasty Fun Good rice candy, or Wint-O-Fresh mint 30%
Tickle-Me Emilio staggers opponent 30%
Trick-or-Treating Tot hoarded candy wad 3/day
Wild Hare 5-6 HP, 3-4 MP First three rounds of combat
XO Skeleton 4-32 Sleaze Damage 50%
All Attributes +10% BRICKO chick BRICKO brick Once per combat, any round
Mini-Adventurer gain 10-30 Meat First three rounds of combat
Nanorhino gain 5-15 Meat First three rounds of combat
All Attributes -10 Black Cat lose 30-40 HP, 20-30 Meat Every combat round
O.A.F. +10 monster level increase
All Attributes -10 & +2 Stats Per Fight Baby Bugged Bugbear unspaded
Combat Initiative +20% Cotton Candy Carnie cotton candy pinch Once per combat
Cuddlefish 15-30 Sleaze Damage 30%
Emo Squid staggers opponent
Evil Teddy Bear staggers opponent 30%
Feather Boa Constrictor 5-6 HP, 3-4 MP First three rounds of combat
Levitating Potato 5-6 HP, 3-4 MP First three rounds of combat
Mini-Skulldozer Delevels 50%
Origami Towel Crane 5-6 MP First three rounds of combat
Squamous Gibberer 15-30 Spooky Damage 33%
Teddy Bear 15-25 Sleaze Damage, Delevels opponent 3-5
Teddy Borg 15-25 Sleaze Damage 30%
Temporal Riftlet 5-15 Meat First three rounds of combat
Untamed Turtle snailmail bits, turtlemail bits, or turtle wax 35%
Maximum HP/MP +10 Angry Jung Man delevels opponent 3-6
Unconscious Collective delevels opponent 3-6
Astral Badger spooky mushrooms, Knob mushrooms, Knoll mushrooms; delevels opponent 5-9 drops 2 random mushrooms on 3rd combat round; delevels first 3 rounds
Baby Sandworm delevels opponent 3-5 50%
Green Pixie bottles of tequila 20%
Llama Lama 5-6 MP
Blavious Kloop delevels opponent 3-6 30%
Bloovian Groose delevels opponent 3-6 30%
Maximum HP/MP +15 Warbear Drone warbear whosit every 4th or 5th combat, first round only
Choctopus 3-5 HP and MP First three rounds of combat
Maximum HP/MP +30 Adorable Space Buddy 10-12 MP First three rounds of combat
Moxie +15% Clockwork Grapefruit delevels opponent 3-5
Nosy Nose staggers opponent
Ninja Snowflake 5-6 MP First three rounds of combat
Sabre-Toothed Lime delevels opponent 3-5
Muscle +15% Angry Goat goat cheese pizza
Imitation Crab 15-20 damage, 15-20 damage 33%
MagiMechTech MicroMechaMech staggers opponent 30%
MiniMechaElf 15-20 damage
Stab Bat 20-30 damage, 10-15 HP loss
Wereturtle 5-15 Meat First three rounds of combat
Wind-up Chattering Teeth 15-20 Stench Damage 30%
Mysticality +15% Baby Mayonnaise Wasp 10-20 Sleaze Damage 33%
Grue 20-25 Spooky Damage 33%
Inflatable Dodecapede blocks attack
Ragamuffin Imp delevels opponent 3-5
Scary Death Orb 5-6 MP First three rounds of combat
Snowy Owl 5-6 HP, 3-4 MP First three rounds of combat
Regenerate 2-8 HP and MP per adventure Adorable Seal Larva hot nuggets, cold nuggets, stench nuggets, spooky nuggets, or sleaze nuggets Once per combat, 35%
Ancient Yuletide Troll candy cane, eggnog, fruitcake, or gingerbread bugbear Once per combat, 30% chance per round
Dandy Lion delevels opponent 3-5
Ghuol Whelp 15-25 Stench Damage 30%
Mutant Gila Monster delevels opponent 8-10
Sweet Nutcracker candy cane, eggnog, fruitcake, or gingerbread bugbear 30%
Serious Cold Resistance Flaming Face 15-30 Hot Damage  ?
So-So Resistance to All Elements Bad Vibe 10-20 damage  ?
Bulky Buddy Box nothing N/A
Exotic Parrot 15-30 damage 33%
Holiday Log 30-50 damage
Pet Rock 20-50 damage 33%
Toothsome Rock 20-50 damage 30%
Twitching Space Critter space beast fur Once per day
Spell Damage +10% Baby Yeti delevels opponent
Dataspider 3-5 MP First three rounds of combat
Howling Balloon Monkey 10-15 Stench Damage 10-15 Sleaze Damage 30%
Midget Clownfish staggers opponent 30%
Rogue Program 15-20 damage
Snow Angel delevels opponent
Star Starfish floor(current MP/4) damage (capped at 100) 30%
Underworld Bonsai 10-20 Spooky Damage, staggers opponent 33%
Whirling Maple Leaf 15-25 Cold Damage 25%
Wizard Action Figure 5 MP
Galloping Grill 58 Hot Damage, (no variance. formula based on weight/stats/mainstat?)  ???
Spell Damage +15% Magic Dragonfish 8-10 HP First three rounds of combat
Pet Cheezling 5-15 HP, 2-8 MP First three rounds of combat
Rock Lobster 10-15 MP First three rounds of combat
Spell Damage +20% Mechanical Songbird 5-10 HP
Weapon Damage +10 Baby Gravy Fairy 5-6 HP, 3-4 MP First three rounds of combat
Crimbo Elf candy cane, Cold Hots candy, or Wint-O-Fresh mint
Syncopated Turtle staggers opponent 30%
Urchin Urchin 15-30 damage 30%
Weapon Damage +15 Chocolate Lab 5-10 Sleaze damage Every round
Weapon Damage +20 Jumpsuited Hound Dog 4-10 HP, 2-8 MP First three rounds of combat
Fist Turkey 15-25 damage 33%
Weapon Damage +10% Peppermint Rhino 5-6 HP, 3-4 MP First three rounds of combat
Weapon Damage +20% Mosquito 5-6 MP First three rounds of combat
Pair of Stomping Boots 20-30 damage? (damage not displayed) 33%
Putty Buddy 5-6 MP
Space Jellyfish 3-5 HP and MP First three rounds of combat
No Effect Homemade Robot None N/A
Cannot sit on throne or bjorn Bowlet N/A N/A
Comma Chameleon
Disembodied Hand
Fancypants Scarecrow
God Lobster
Helix Fossil
Mad Hatrack
Miniature Sword & Martini Guy
Software Bug
Xiblaxian Holo-Companion


  • May 2010's item of the month from Mr. Store.
Its in-store description: Put it on your head, put one of your familiars in it, and various things will ensue!
  • This item lets you place familiars in it. Doing so gives the crown an enchantment, as well as having an in-combat effect.
  • After each combat, the familiar will gain 1 Experience (if it can):
    Familiar1.gif <Name> surveys the scene from atop the throne, and gains 1 Experience.
  • If it is full weight or cannot gain experience (such as a Stocking Mimic), it will instead produce:
    Smimic.gif <Name> surveys the scene from atop the throne and sighs.
  • Because an enthroned familiar is not truly in your familiar slot, effects that increase familiar experience do not affect those in the crown. Despite this, familiars still cannot be enthroned if you are an Avatar of Boris or Jarlsberg. They also cannot be enthroned if the familiar has a B in it's name and you're in a Bees Hate You path, or if you're a Zombie Slayer, only undead familiars can be enthroned.
  • Having this item and a Buddy Bjorn equipped (with familiars in both) at the same time causes both familiars to only have a 50% chance per combat to act and gain experience. This means that some combats, only 1 will act and gain experience, sometimes both will act and gain, and sometimes neither will act nor gain. This produces messages at the start of combat (sometimes; if there is no message, then only 1 familiar acts and gains experience):
    • Both familiars act and gain experience
      • <Crown Name> and <Bjorn Name> both roll for initiative. Then they realize they can just go ahead and do stuff without rolling.
      • <Crown Name> and <Bjorn Name> count down, "3, 2, 1!!!" and leap into action.
      • <Crown Name> and <Bjorn Name> do rock, paper, scissors to see who should go first.
      • <Crown Name> and <Bjorn Name> do some crazy secret handshake before leaping into action.
      • <Crown Name> and <Bjorn Name> fist bump, blow it up, and get ready to do stuff.
      • <Crown Name> and <Bjorn Name> high five each other behind your head.
      • <Crown Name> and <Bjorn Name> say, "wonder familiars, unite!" and get ready for action.
      • <Crown Name> says, "are you ready to rock?" and <Bjorn Name> responds, "I was born ready!"
      • <Crown Name> says, "let's kick the tires..." and <Bjorn Name> responds, "and light the fires!"
      • <Crown Name> says, "warm it up, <Bjorn Name>," and <Bjorn Name> responds, "I'm about to.'[sic]?
    • Neither familiar acts nor gains experience
      • <Crown Name> and <Bjorn Name> are busy weaving a Cat's Cradle between them and don't act this fight.
      • <Crown Name> and <Bjorn Name> are engrossed in their re-enactment of the "Who's on First" routine.
      • <Crown Name> and <Bjorn Name> are practicing lines for their interpretation of Waiting for Godot, so they don't act this fight.
      • <Crown Name> and <Bjorn Name> argue about whose turn it is to act.
      • <Crown Name> and <Bjorn Name> both roll for initiative and both roll ones.
      • <Crown Name> and <Bjorn Name> do rock-paper-scissors to see whose turn it is, but they both keep throwing rock.
      • <Crown Name> and <Bjorn Name> glance up from their game of Canasta, then back down without acting.
      • <Crown Name> and <Bjorn Name> glare at each other jealously.
      • <Crown Name> and <Bjorn Name> ignore you and continue arguing about whether Jarlsberg or Boris would win in a fight.
      • <Crown Name> and <Bjorn Name> ignore you and continue arguing about whether the Naughty Sorceress could beat Krakrox in a fight.
      • <Crown Name> and <Bjorn Name> ignore you and continue discussing their conspiracy theory that Rene C. Corman is still alive and hiding in Degrassi Knoll.
      • <Crown Name> and <Bjorn Name> ignore you and swap recipes for ghuol-egg quiche.
      • <Crown Name> and <Bjorn Name> look up from a game of War, notice each of them still has roughly half the deck, and get back to it.
      • <Crown Name> and <Bjorn Name> say "after you." "No, after you." "No, after YOU."
      • <Crown Name> and <Bjorn Name> work on their comedy duo act instead of helping you out this time.
  • If you have a familiar in your Buddy Bjorn and you try to place it in your crown, you'll get this message instead:
    That familiar is already busy in some other gear.
  • This item has an [alter enthronement] link when it is equipped. Clicking it redirects you to your terrarium, where all the links to place and kick them in or out of the throne are automatically highlighted without needing to hover over them.
  • Having this item equipped adds a [put in Crown of Thrones] link to each and every familiar in your terrarium, unless it's already in the crown, in which case the link is [kick out of Crown of Thrones].
  • Placing a familiar in your crown silently kicks out your old one (if you had one) and produces this message:
    Your <Familiar Type>, <Familiar Name>, is now carried in the Crown of Thrones.
  • Having a familiar in your crown adds a line to your terrarium:
    In Your Crown of Thrones: Familiar1.gif Mosquito [kick out]
  • Kicking a familiar out of your crown produces the message:
    Crown of Thrones vacated.
  • Trying to place a familiar in the crown that you don't have or doesn't exist produces:
    You don't have that familiar.
  • Trying to place a familiar in the crown if you don't have it equipped:
    You're not wearing a hat seat.


  • "Heavy is the head that wears the throne" is a pun on a passage from Shakespeare's Henry IV – Part Two, in which the king declares: "Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown", 3.1.31.
  • Crown of thrones is a pun referring to the crown of thorns worn by Jesus in the Bible.
  • Crown of thrones may also be a pun referring to A Game of Thrones, the first book in A Song of Ice and Fire, a series of high fantasy novels by American author George R. R. Martin.

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